Dominant women do not …

Pyx Picture 2010

Pyx Picture 2010

I don’t know what you guys are reading/watching and I can certainly appreciate you might have opinions on other people’s sexuality, mine included, but in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t mean anything to anyone else but you.

There seems to be those that hold the opinion that Dominant women do not fuck on all fours or that we do not get on our knees to suck cock because that is what a good submissive woman does.

I have some horrible news for you – on all fours, on our knees sucking cock,  or on our backs, those are sexual positions and not submission. If you think submission is simply the position in which someone has sex than I can certainly understand why it is you might prove frustrated in finding a submissive woman that is compatible.

Porn makes submission look appealing doesn’t it and add that every other blog out there is filled with sexual goals and fantasies it would appear that D/s is simply a matter of who has the coolest toys, the best corset and who gets tied to what and how they get fucked but it is not.

Submission can also appear to be common, since on average let’s say there are at any given time 35% of female bloggers writing about the desire to submit and 40% of male bloggers writing about Domination: these are just numbers I am throwing out there to use as an example.  You ever notice how a lot of them are alone or single? That is because they have not yet found someone who get’s their version of it.

So I can somewhat forgive the ignorant idea that all woman are submissive and all men are dominant be it your opinion that it is naturally occurring or socially imposed. However this screams a lack of real world experience to me and simply another means at playing the game: to get sex.

If Y/you choose to write like this in regards to Y/yourself because it shows how Real and what a True Dominant Y/you are – you’re a fuckwit and should just submit to yourself because that is about as close as you will get to experiencing something rare: being responsible for someone submission. And when I say responsible I do not mean getting her to what you said because you said it nor do I mean after care. I mean being the inspiration, the center of focus and the goal that someone else is trying to achieve by pleasing us more than just sexually.

The dominance and submission that others see, via the internet, a blog or images from those who are involved in such is only one small part of the whole: we are here because of another driving force. The physical is at best the smallest part of what it is we are trying to obtain and what that is, is different for everyone. So if you believe that someone needs to be on their knees sucking your cock as soon as you come through the door you are truly missing out.

Now I am an elitist I will not deny that, fuzzy hand cuffs and feathers are offensive in my realm and I call it ‘bedroom bondage’ however that does not mean for some people it is not a big step to use these things. Does it make it less ‘real’ or ‘true’ because they didn’t use a single tale whip and duct tape like I would? NO not at all. It is just a different kind of D/s than my own.

I loathe the use of words REAL and TRUE when it comes to D/s because we liberals of the western world are so self-centered and have no fucking idea of the concept: want to be a true slave go work in brothel in Mumbai. Do not talk to me about submission being a GIFT I do not want to hear it so this is fair warning.

Do not get me started on virtual D/s because some sexy hot young douchbag in latex on the other side of the globe that you never met or will meet can convince you clamp your own nipples, violate your own ass with a toilet bowl brush and to hook your ball sack up to a car battery: you have other issues going on than submission.

We dominant men and women exist in a paradox: we are dominant without a submissive but without a submissive we are not dominant. I am still me, I still hold fast and hard to my desires, my needs, my abilities and my fantasies but they are nothing without someone submissive.

I am incomplete without it and if for a moment if you believe that being dominant is simply getting what you want when you want it because you are “dominant” it might explain the lack of pussy. Being dominant is very much about being the facilitating tool for others to achieve their fantasies and in doing so we achieve our own so in truth we have to be creative: this is why we have rewards and punishments.

That submissive value, be it him or her, though it is often in sexual context is not about intercourse – it is a moment so rarely seen that it defies proper explanation and must be witnessed:

Submission is when you are able to look at another human being and see a reflection of yourself.

Domination is when you are able to do what they want and what is needed to get them there.

Even if I am a woman on all fours.

4 comments on “Dominant women do not …

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Wow, who jerked your chain on this one?

    • Pyx says:

      I didn’t sound angry did I?
      Seriously I talk like this all the time… no wonder people think I’m always mad *wink

      On stuff like this, I usually only comment once I have a handful of emails from guys who believe all women are submissive or that a woman who gets on her knees and sucks cock isn’t a ‘true’ or ‘real’ dominant female… blah blah blah

      It’s the internet so everyone is carrying around a pretty big set of balls because you and I know they wouldn’t say that kind of stupid shit to my face… doesnt bother me really, I am used to it, it just makes me laugh that they write and tell me but still insist on ready every single blog entry.

      • kdaddy23 says:

        Um, yeah, you did sound angry (hence my question). “True/real” dominant female? As in a D/s setting? Or the kind of woman who will get on her knees and suck that dick because it greatly pleases her to do so and she doesn’t have to be coaxed into doing it?

        The stereotype sucks – women are supposed to be submissive because of some Old Testament stuff and a lot of guys grow up believing that stuff so they’re supposed to not only be submissive – read this as do whatever the man says – but they’re supposed to be obedient, too.

        And there are some women who are like that (because they believe the stuff the Bible says about relating with men)… but these days? Not very many that I know of! I’m thinking that there are not many men who really like aggressive/assertive women in the bedroom – they can be pretty scary and it can threaten their masculinity – so they prefer some docile, pliant chick instead.

        Then again, hon, some guys are just too stupid for their own good…

  2. The Hook says:

    I like your edge, Pyx.
    Great mission statement!

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