Umm so where was I…


Oh right! The house is clear of guests so it is sex on time

Except my husband came down with the flu so I was on nursing duty: I have a great bedside manner and unsure why he did not let me sponge bathe him with vinegar and lemons, I think it could have been very erotic role play.

I have no idea what it is with hot tubs recently…

But on a recent overnight stay in a hotel I decided to take a swim and then treat myself to the hot tub spa thingy: the man that was using the gym asked if he could join me (it’s a public hotel hot tub duh) and eventually small chat turned into an invitation to have some beers back in his room. I’m still not sure about guys that try to pick up girls in hot tubs there is something a bit off about it but I refused. The beer was Bud Light.

PC is in state back from his holiday but we haven’t set a date to meet up …

However I did have my first cam sex experience with him: at least I think I did. I am counting it as cam sex and adding while simultaneously scratching that off the bucket list.

My vibrator is dead…

For a girl who does not masturbate often this was a great disappointment: someone needs to invent a life time guaranteed vibrator that will be known as good ole reliable. I barely use the thing though when I do I guess I put it through enough torture that suicide was an option. Some serious adult shopping is on my to do list. **Kdaddy has been so kind to leave a link in the comment section of a lifetime guaranteed vibrator!

My birthday is coming up next month…

And this usually leads to a couple of weeks celebration: yes I am that serious about having fun with people but often individually not all in one place at one time. There are reports of a ‘kink’ club north of here and I might just have to venture out and take in the dungeon, nothing says happy birthday like blowing out the candle stuck between some poor sods ass cheeks!

I lost my first chicken…

And by lost I mean the only evidence I could find of her when I returned from town were feathers around the outside of the chicken coop. Strangely this has upset me more than I thought it would, yes they are chickens and creatures die but I hate knowing she was struggling to get back IN the coop and everyone IN the coop was in a panic that she was stuck outside… all 13 of them witnessed her murder. I’m not expecting any eggs for a while in this time of mourning for no name chicken number 14 and out of respect I am not eating poultry this week… what? No one killed my cow!

I am behind on emails and my house needs a serious cleaning but all things considered the Chateau remains a fortress of peace – there just needs to be more sex going on.

9 comments on “Umm so where was I…

  1. kdaddy23 says: – this vibrator has a lifetime guarantee. I am, understandably, trying to figure out how a woman who isn’t fond of masturbation manages to kill her vibrator – you had to know I was going to pick on you about this one.

    I hope your husband feels better soon and I do hope that you get laid even sooner; just a little surprised that you didn’t ravish the guy in the hot tub, light beer notwithstanding – you could have said no to the beer, gotten the kind of beer you wanted, and made that guy wish he hadn’t been born… or that he hadn’t propositioned you.

    One more thing: Vinegar and lemon juice? Were you trying to make your hubby feel better or were you trying to turn him into a salad?

    • Pyx says:

      Ahah, lovely they do have them out there!
      However that is one ugly vibrator (to me) but amazingly it is the same price of the one I got so very reasonable, thank you.

      I have no idea how I killed it, maybe it wasnt me but a quality issue? *blush
      I do not mind you picking on me at all, hell I was walking around with it picking on myself … that was a very hard moment in need.

      There was a bit of creep factor to sitting there, almost naked, wet and being hit on by a guy … it just felt off and I am sure had I drank before going into the hot tub I might have been more willing to overlook the bud LOL

      I am the queen (my husband calls me a witch) of home made remedies: I was joking when I told him about the scotch brite scrub with vinegar and lemon and I only suggested it because he was going on and on and on about having cooties and possibly infecting me! hehehe.

      • kdaddy23 says:

        A quality control issue, huh? Methinks, my darling Pyx, that in dealing with your sexual frustrations – no PC, having kids in the house and not being able to jump hubby’s bones, you took the full measure of that poor device and severely tested its craftsmanship beyond its operational limits… even though masturbating isn’t your thing to do. Yeah, sure it isn’t…

        FYI, a Scotchbrite scrub won’t remove cooties – but old fashioned scrub brushe will remove them… and quite a bit of skin if used properly.

        Now, the vibe the link showed you? Yeah, I thought that thing was kinda ugly but I wasn’t aware that women bought them for their aesthetic properties – figured it was all about form and function, you know, what’ll hit all the right spots and get the job done.

        I’m thinking that if using it gives you some orgasmic bliss, what it looks like ain’t all that important… but I could be wrong.

  2. G says:

    Great update. We lost all our chickens one by one, they were pretty well fenced, but critters are clever…

    • Pyx says:

      Sad isnt it!
      It was my fault, we got all that snow and I did not check the fence – she must have gotten out one of the small holes and could not get back in. There is definitely enough wilderness still around here that she could not have survived out of the coop for long so in some ways, trauma wise, I am sort of relieved I didnt witness the attack and have to take care of her myself… but I am making the other girls a treat (they love their couscous) and hope they forgive me.

    • Pyx says:

      I know right! I do so love my chickens and I didnt want the other ones to hate me so I bribed them with couscous. I keep thinking if only I was home… but that just means there is a good chance that I would have witnessed the attack (more trauma).

  3. 'Tis says:

    The foxes get to my parents chickens on occasion. It’s always a sad occasion as they are Mums children.

    I’m in agreement here about the vibrator, not very attractive. Plus I hate when they put those damn ticklers on them and I’ve yet to find one that actually rotates in my vagina as claimed.

    Hope the hubs is feeling better and you get some sex time soon.


  4. Michael says:

    Whew, that was a rolling post, ha! Full of beers, spa, cock, anal, and plenty of beef! Hope your man is feeling better…going through a bit of that right now. Great time to catch up on reading 🙂

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