Wireless Remote Control Vibe: review


The Boss by Dream Toys

I am going to do my best to keep this short because I can go on forever about sex toys. Not all wireless vibes are created equal so consider the following:


Material/Quality/sensibility/Price point



roundYou have seen these before and the only complaints I have about this one are it primarily vibrates in one spot.

This one I chose, above image, has more surface -meaning more surface in the pussy is getting to feel the pulsing and it feels good and snug when inserted.

Guys I know you love your girls’ tight pussy but consider this: walking around with a ball tucked up anywhere leaves some of us with the feeling that it will roll out of our pant leg at any time.

The issue I have with a perfectly round toy is that it does not sit well. I understand the theory, kegel aside, you want this particular toy to be comfortable and stable it will be creating some serious lubrication out in public. The more confident we are that humiliation is not around the corner the more playful we become.

As for material check out the other toys she has and make sure she is not allergic to anything: some toys made in China still contain Phthalates and this is DANGEROUS. Stay away from the hard shiny surface type toys – they just feel weird and discolour quickly- go for something with a ‘soft’ feel.

Lelo is pretty but still uses batteries...

Lelo is pretty but still uses batteries…

Realistically consider your toy purchase: yes Lelo is lovely and top of the line but how often are you going to use this thing and who the hell else is going to see it? I did not like the remote controls on these particular toys.

Me, I tend to go middle shelf with price point and find it worth it every time. So do not stress over not coming home with the pussy zapper 3000 she will like and appreciate a good purchase.

Some of the round one uses those little watch batteries that we all hate and die too quick and can never find in the drawer. Certainly for 20 bucks it might seem like a good deal but for ten to twenty more you can buy a toy that takes AAA batteries. This particular remote control uses a inside12v but was easy to find and the actual insert part uses 2 AAA: I got hours of fun from it.

The remote was not bright pink or in the shape of a heart or anything that would have drawn attention should it be seen. There is an LED screen that lets him know what number he is on – it has ten speed and rhythm variations and he could go back and forth with the number list – which helped him cycle through easily to find the one he enjoyed most. Or I enjoyed most.

There was no hanging wire from the remote which kept the whole thing neat and easy to use in public. The wire on the ‘egg’ part does stay outside the body but I did not notice it at all: I just pulled the wire forward inside my underpants. The range was great! He was outside the pub while I was inside and it still functioned/shifted cycles.

It is inside our body so it seems like it is noisy – check this out by holding a demo vibe in closed palm of hand – some do make more noise than others but I assure you this one could not be heard by anyone around me. You might not like a high hum buzzing sound in your ear so keep that in mind: this had a deeper sound to it so I barely noticed it after a while.

Now do not roll your eyes but I would be remiss if I did not mention safety. We are talking about a toy that requires you to insert something into your body that has batteries inside. I know you might think ‘I don’t use a condom with my vibrator’ but this is different: the whole piece is in your hot wet body cavity that is producing more heat and more wetness. Even though it says waterproof believe it is not!!!

Using a condom on this toy ensures two things: should there be an accident, and they do happen, your body is safer from battery exposure and burns. I have seen batteries leak in toys before and inserted into the body and it is not pretty.

A condom will also keep the wires safe from breaking: pull the toy out of your body by the condom and not the wire! These are toys, copper wires when bent can break and easy to pull out of the vibrating piece – rendering your new toy useless.

Remove batteries when not in use: this means your batteries will not leak inside the toy that you will re-insert into your body. No matter how well you think  you cleaned it out this one step can save your toy and  your insides.

How it worked for me: here and here.

There is nothing I would change about the remote toy I purchased nor do I have any complaints: it was comfortable, it worked, it was powerful, it is still in good condition after 3 years and I would recommend it to others.

14 comments on “Wireless Remote Control Vibe: review

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    That would be the one PC used on you in the restaurant, right?

    • Pyx says:

      Yes… I had to look around online for a moment.

      It is called The Boss by Dream Toys.
      They made it after the Cry Baby one… you know how sex toy companies are… after a while they all start looking the same.

      I think I am going to use it again when we go bowling, that would be fun right?!

      • kdaddy23 says:

        Um, whether it’d be fun or not depends on whether or not you have a bowling ball in your hand at the time you get buzzed – I wouldn’t recommend it. I’m a bowler and I’ve seen people lose control of the ball, have it go straight up, and land on their head so, if you please, no getting buzzed when you’re actually bowling?

      • Pyx says:

        Oh trust me, PC and me are the sort that take safety seriously when we are doing anything: even when out in public he respected my request that he not turn the vibe on while I am taking a drink of my beer or ordering something from the waitress. LOL

        I mean more along the lines of being at the alley, in public again, other people around us that have no clue with some fun casual flirty (remote control stimulation) and it might lead to an actual PDA moment where I hold his hand or something!

      • kdaddy23 says:

        Okay, then by all means, go out in public with your toy, give PC the remote, and then come back and tell us how this went… and what your score was; I find it interesting to know whether or not you could focus on your game or not…

      • Pyx says:

        HA! I will most certainly tell you what my score was… Im sort of hoping it gives him a challenge and I might actually win.

      • kdaddy23 says:

        Ah, but if it looks like you’re gonna beat him, he might buzz you on the highest setting so you can’t concentrate!

        That’s what I’d do… and because I could!

  2. 'Tis says:

    Alright, I’ve been awaiting this review seeing as how I had noise concerns when I went to purchase one before and bowed out due to that. But I have to say, what I’m more focused on now and never thought about before so have really received an education here is the fact of inserting the toy within a condom. I’m not sure I would have thought of doing that with this kind of toy and am so glad you mention here.

    I’m definitely looking forward to purchasing one of these and letting B have his way with it., 😉


    • Pyx says:

      I completely understand the noise thing – in fact it was the first question I asked PC when he turned it on ‘can you hear anything?’ and the answer was no. I know there are some vibrating panties and thongs and with those the vibrator is on the outside of the body and would make some noise however this is all just sensation (we know when they have turned it on) and the fact that it is our body.

      My friend owned an adult store and of course in great times of need I worked shifts for her – i mean these toys are not cheap though often cheaply made – and at the time Lelo did not exist. Perhaps like you, in my youth a vibrator was an ugly hard plastic cream coloured thing that someone ordered through Sears and there is no way it was always comfortable (directly on the clit, ouch) so as products started to come out that were more appealing it only made sense that we communicate ways for people to keep their toys in good shape.

      One of the best experiences of my life working for her – I was invited into peoples bedrooms and they trusted me – so with my own experiences (professional and personal) I had relative freedom to communicate such things… of course I used my discount to review toys and sometimes i got them for free.

      I think you would both enjoy this type of toy a lot – an orgasm is still a very intimate thing and I liked that no one else had a clue what was going on inside my underpants. Might have been the most quiet dinner PC has ever had with me but as soon as we got back to the hotel i was more than ready…

      let me know how it goes?


      • 'Tis says:

        Now that had to be a fun job. I will definitely let you know how it goes and the make and model we end up with.

        I’m so excited now, I may have to do a little online shopping later tonight.


      • Pyx says:

        ooooh fun! It was a cool sometimes job – I had a lot of fun too because I got to work with my friend and the discount was kick ass.

        If you have any questions you can email me – I remember a few makes/models we had in store but there are a lot of new products out there too but pretty confident you will manage.

      • 'Tis says:

        I will thank you. I didn’t get a chance to shop online last night, but maybe this weekend I can start looking around. I will let you know.


  3. Michael says:

    Sienna and I have made our blog private to allow for naughtier postings and more quality interactions with a closer network of friends. We’d love to have you involved in our more intimate group of WP friends. The process for us to give access proactively is not very user friendly. If you are interested, please click on our blog and request access. You will be welcomed in with open arms! 🙂

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