Sex in the news and a really ugly sex toy


I might have to start a new category of just ugly and stupid sex toys – the things they want us women to put in our bodies and the beliefs they want us to buy into.

I of course found this on the Huff and the purpose of this toy: third level orgasm.”The main shaft with multiple pleasure bumps target your G-Spot directly, while the outer arms target the sensitive inner clitoris” Yours for only $106.oo

What the hell is a third level orgasm you might ask because I did. Well do not panic guys and gals I have done some of the work for you. A third level orgasm is explained thus:

When two people come together to make love, it is through orgasm that they can feel an even deeper merging and oneness of being. They are in an expanded state of loving in which there are no boundaries. […] Of course the level reached will vary from orgasm to orgasm […] the alignment and openness between two people making love, or alignment with yourself if self-pleasuring, and the level that the energy reaches through the chakras”

Now you really have to ask  yourself if you want to have a fourth level anything with a vibrator. I am not into Tantric’osity type sex, I think if you are that is wonderful but if the emphasis is on being with someone and deeper connections – have we become so alienated from each other that now it is acceptable to achieve oneness with ourselves? Come on! I do not believe the Metis Deer tribe that is attributed with this ultimate love guide was talking about rubbing one out in the creepee teepee.

Want to help women achieve some sexual confidence and experience ultimate freedom of body, mind and soul, and become one with their surroundings and partner on a spiritual level: WHERE THE  HELL IS MY MALE FORM OF ORAL BIRTH CONTROL!

So for your ultimate one’ness pleasurable journey of spiritual satisfaction while reading my blog, enjoy the following:

First Level of Orgasm: At this level there is a moderate amount of physical satisfaction, but no real spiritual or heart connection. A desire to be held, cuddled and talked to may arise or a desire to be left alone. Your mind can be either talkative or shut-off. During orgasm there are involuntary contractions.
Second Level of Orgasm: At this level there is more physical satisfaction, release and balancing and the beginning of a spiritual and heart connection. There is a desire to give and nurture. This experience can be more meditative. The body is glowing, flushed and tingling.
Third Level of Orgasm: At this level there is much more fulfillment and connection in all aspects of our beings. There is a desire to give, stroke, cuddle and you may find yourself laughing. There is a wonderful camaraderie and joy in being together. You may find yourself moving into a dream state, then become talkative. The body is humming and vibrating.
Fourth Level of Orgasm: At this level there is a complete fulfillment and merging of all aspects of our beings. You may experience bliss and love for all, an open, pure heart/love-light connection to the Allness of life. You may find a cohesion with your partner and a merging of your energies.

Anyone else feel all these things while eating a really good steak or is it just me?

10 comments on “Sex in the news and a really ugly sex toy

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Hmm, I’ve felt like that while eating a good steak and if I’ve ever felt that way after some really good sex, I’ve been too trashed to notice it…

    And you’re right – that thing is fugly; it reminds me of the tool that’s used to install faucets on kitchen sinks!

    • Pyx says:

      Umm steak. I love becoming one with red meat…

      Okay i get the whole different orgasm thing but to me the self pleasure part of the explains seems thrown in at the last minute. If they are going sell me on the idea of one’ness while having sex and the spiritual benefits to me and my partner – masturbation once again seems contrary to this.

      At some point a woman should focus on being pleasured, certainly, even if with herself or doing it by herself, but I am not sure a toy is going to bring me spiritual and complete satisfaction… men would then be… obsolete. *wink

      • kdaddy23 says:

        Well, not really; I’m thinking that this spiritual satisfaction begins with a simple premise: How can someone else please you if you don’t know how to please yourself?

        Masturbation, with the help of said fugly sex toy, works well toward that purpose. Some men and women work on the premise that if they’re screwing someone, they don’t need to masturbate; indeed, I’ve heard of some people getting totally bent behind their partner getting themselves off on the solo tip.

        Satisfaction begins, say, with you (since I love picking on you now). Are you willing to leave your satisfaction solely in the hands of another and not for one moment own your satisfaction by being able to pleasure yourself at any time and then in ways that your partner can only guess at?

        It’s about learning about your body and in this learning, you learn to satisfy yourself, valuable information that can then be passed on to a partner who’s willing to learn where all of your buttons are.

        Women are forever saying how ham-handed men are when it comes to playing with their pussies; they can’t or won’t teach a man how to do it in a way that pleases them because most of them don’t know how to please themselves. Verily I say unto you, most men don’t know how to use a toy on their woman… because she doesn’t know how to use one on herself.

        You starting to feel me, darling one? I think the thought behind this toy is to help women focus on using it to seek and find their own pleasure and really become one with all of the possible sensations which, again, can only be a good thing when it’s time for her to put the toy down and get busy with the real thing inside of her.

        I get it… but that toy is still fugly…

      • Pyx says:

        I completely agree and echo the same sentiment – know yourself before you demand/expect it of others, however look at thing there is no human body part that is comparable. Communication would be key in ultimate satisfaction in regards to sex but this is a promise of a forced experience that what… we then go out and expect our lovers to duplicate? They make orgasm the goal, not just any orgasm but a third level one.

        If there is a human male penis that looks like that, twisted and curved, he would indeed be a guy in much demand IF he were using it the way they require you too.
        Now there is an argument certainly for using this toy together and still achieving their claims but that is not what they are selling – I just find the contradiction to be in the assertion that achieving these orgasm levels WITH a partner being the ultimate spiritual goal and then tossed in ‘you can get there by yourself too’ a weak obvious point in their selling strategy.

        We ladies are not so easily plied (I would hope) as to believe that our sexual satisfaction is solely dependent on others – what they do to us, how they do it – but recently toys are being sold as an answer to a much bigger issue: not getting what you want from the people in your life? Then do it yourself!

        There is no way a man will be able to do what that toy does – there is just no way. So are we only able to achieve the spiritual with a toy? I am pretty sure the Metis Deer Tribe didn’t have toys nor do I believe for a moment that a starving nation of peoples really believes this crap.

        Knowing your body is so important to understanding how we are pleasured and what it is we desire but that ca be done without silicone toys – LEARN HOW TO SAY THE WORDS or SHOW SOMEOE – there is a whole line of toys sold by a female ‘doctor’ and you know what? They are horrible! I couldn’t sell one at 80% off!!! Ergonomics are great, and no two women are created equal, so there are a lot of options out there but I would rather women take charge for themselves than being told they can do it with this thing…

        Third level orgasms… 33% of women do not experience their first orgasm till later in life, for a lot of us orgasm isn’t the spiritual experience but instead something far more grand that we have with our partners – even when we aren’t making ‘love’

      • Pyx says:

        Oh yes this thing is so fugly it needs a paper bag!

  2. It might be ugly, but im looking at the design of that thing thinking it might actually feel pretty good! I would give it a try, if it didnt cost so much, haha. I have no problem attempting a 4th level orgasm by myself, lmao. ,;)

    • Pyx says:

      HA! I am not sure if I could give it a try with a straight face even if it was free… achieving a good orgasm during masturbation can feel pretty good, granted, but I am not sure I want to experience a spiritual connection with silicone.

      I can’t look at it straight on – I have to sort of glance at it sideways… it’s scary and that little ‘inner clitoral’ part reminds of me the alien that jumps out of the guys chest at dinner!

      I am thinking Full Metal Jacket now – give it a good name… this one would be hard to name.

  3. Michael says:

    Steak, lol! 🙂 This was funny but also really interesting. I need to read into this topic more. I have experienced such a powerful sense of connectedness with Sienna that comes in many forms…one of which is sexual. As I write about our passion, I often struggle trying to find the words to describe just how intense the orgasms can be…looks like I have a new reference as a starting point! 😉 That vibrator looks like a little monster about to eat something…maybe they should sell it with a blindfold, ha!

    • Pyx says:

      Michael you are fantastic as is Sienna – together you are powerful – but do not waste your time reading into this anymore! The Metis Deer Tribe … seriously? As an anthropologist this borders on offensive but as a woman I do not need to be sold on the idea of working at my relationship (on all levels) from people who are trying to sell me stuff.

      I have had a full body orgasm (there is an entry in my blog somewhere) and yes it felt ‘spiritual’ but it was also very scientific and was fascinating in what was going on in my body… but I achieved it without buying into a theory, a toy and reading an article. It happened because it happened and might never again – dont we pressure ourselves sexually enough already?

      Steak… with mushrooms and onions… im having a spiritual moment right now! lol

      Monster yes, as I said above that little ‘clitoral’ thing reminds me of the alien that jumps out of the guys chest at the dinner table.

  4. kdaddy23 says:

    I think that toys like this are designed the way they are because the human male penis isn’t designed to hit all of those good spots and, honestly, this fugly-assed thing is simply a means to an end – it’s a tool to be used and reaching spiritual satisfaction is something that takes place in the woman’s head and, yeah, she has to want it in order to achieve it. Now…

    You said, “We ladies are not so easily plied (I would hope) as to believe that our sexual satisfaction is solely dependent on others…” and I say, “You wanna bet?” Here on WordPress alone, I have seen women write that if a man gets with them, they’d better know how to rock their world and without any help from them; they insist that we’re supposed to know exactly how to do this even if we’ve never had sex with them before.- and my other sweetie, Lovergirl, has said this.

    That indicates a dependence and can be damned specific depending upon how a lady wants and needs to have her ass kicked into the next zip code. Seeing that this doesn’t always work as expected then, yeah, if the guy you’re fucking ain’t quite giving you that orgasmic high you’re looking for, do it yourself… and we have this really and seriously ugly and unseemly device that we guarantee will do things for you no dick in the world can do; you will get to understand your body and pleasure at a level that no other human being can duplicate.

    If a woman buys this thing, is she not taking charge of her pleasure? Does this not say that she’s willing to explore the possibilities with this thing or anything remotely like it because she knows, either innately or through experience, that men more often than not fail to provide that seriously soul-searing orgasm she always wants to have? And, if she does buy this and gives it a go, will she not understand what an orgasm is if she feels she’s never experienced one?

    But if she buys it, uses it, and says it does nothing for her, what does that say about her? We’re all taught that masturbation for any reason is a bad thing – remember, it used to be a mental illness back in the day and that negativity has been propagated over the years. I know a lot of women don’t masturbate, not because it’s not pleasurable, but because they have been taught that a man is always supposed to please them – and masturbation is dirty, nasty, and filthy behavior. And, to that end, a lot of women have no idea how to pleasure themselves and, thus, are dependent on someone else to do it.

    If I were a girl and I bought this thing, I’d put on a sleep mask so I wouldn’t have to look at it while I was using it…

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