Ouch… do it again.


I was almost asleep when he climbed on top of me.

I sleep on my stomach, so I could feel his hard cock pressing against my ass cheeks.

He pulled my underpants down just far enough he could slip his hand between my legs.

I instinctively pushed my hips up to make easier access but his free hand pushed the small of my back down into the bed.

He has strong hands with muscular fingers; Infantry hands that are deliberate, rough and forceful.

He pushed and rubbed and pulled…

And then everything felt tight. Full.

He rested himself down on my back but it only meant his fingers were violating me at a different angle.

He bit my shoulder blade and things were feeling more slick, easier and pleasurable.

And then everything felt tight again. Full. But this time a twinge of a sting…


He didn’t stop; in fact it made him fuck me with his fingers harder.

‘Oww.  How many fingers is that’

‘Does it matter?’ He curved his fingers inside me and I hit that spot ‘you are dripping all over the bed’

I yelped into the pillow in ecstasy.

‘You are so tight around my fingers. Maybe I will slip in another one’

‘Oww. Nooo. Just do it again’


3 comments on “Ouch… do it again.

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    So how many fingers did you get? Ah, you just gotta love those midnight coochie raids!

  2. 'Tis says:

    yes, do it again!

  3. The Hook says:

    Hurts so good, right?

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