Pyx Picture 2013

Pyx Picture 2013

There are certainly moments of frustration with my arrangement, however it is very difficult for me to complain because I have this arrangement to begin with and I am very happy.

One of the most favourable components in this is, is that my husband and PC know each other and get along. Now they are not starting up a bowling team together with other men I have slept with nor do they require a Pyx support group – yet – but recently I had a made plans with PC that changed because my husband was called off work.

PC is not sneaking in the back door so all three of us found ourselves together for the night. When I say I want someone that respects my husband and our arrangement, PC stands as a wonderful example: he did not turn around leave because we couldn’t be alone but stayed and made the best of the situation. I value the comfort he has with us here, I like that he knows he has a place in my life and I love that they are both doing it for me.

The frustration comes from not having been with PC in what feels like ages and I was looking forward to it very much; not just the sex but being alone with him is very much a real desire. He spent the night and as I tucked him in to the spare room there were a million dirty thoughts that ran through my mind: I wanted to slide on top of him quietly, kiss him and just feel him under me again.

My husband felt bad that he ruined our plans by being home but he didn’t ruin anything, this is his home, I am his wife and my husband gave PC credit for being an honourable gentleman about the whole situation: the fact that PC stays and they spend time together is something my husband appreciates.

The following day PC and I ventured out to do some shopping; we stopped for a coffee and played some scrabble before returning to the Chateau. There in the driveway was the car parked and out of sheer frustration I shouted “Oh my god I am never going to have sex again!” but this is the nature of how things sometimes turn out. My husband apologized to us both; PC and me just smiled.

Once again all three of us spent the night eating, talking, and playing video games. I tucked PC once more into the spare room for the night, kissed him and for a second contemplated just fucking him quickly and silently up against the wall. Of course I didn’t! I love them both, I could not do that to either of them nor would PC even dare to insult D thus.

I got myself under the covers, PC just feet away from me and my husband still slaying dragon in the living room – all I could do was smile. They are both great men on their own; together with me as the jelly in the sandwich they are truly amazing.  All my sexual lust, throbbing body parts and the force with which it takes to restrain myself around PC sort of melted away into a warm feeling of comfort of having them both here with me under one roof.

Oh trust me, I am going to tear that man’s clothing off the next time we are alone. I want his cock all over me and I will probably kiss him till his lips rot off; he might not survive the sexual encounter but strangely the waiting has put me in a place I have not been before.

You see PC has been waiting too and I could just say thank you or something to that effect but it falls short of expressing a complex emotion. There is nothing that is not complex with me and I want him to feel as special as he has makes me feel. If that makes any sense to anyone  else… I want to do something that I know will make him happy though it is somewhat uncomfortable for me.

Valentine’s day. Eeek. I abhor the notion of it and pretty much see myself as the little cherub that goes rogue and shoots to kill all those sickening lovey dovey couples with my tiny arrows. To me they are false, the love being forced publicly onto each other but really it is only done for the people around them. I mean if it is so spectacular why is it not a private thing that occurs all year long? Have you ever seen a person gush in such grand gestures and their partner simply say “ditto”. Noooooo. There are consequences if they too didn’t express ‘true love’ the rest of us just have to witness it in order for it to be real. Gag. I often get the impression that some couples are in competition with each other; I love you.

 I love you more.

 No I love you more.


Die, both of you just die already.

So why is it that I have put away my arrows and will not be striking down couples this year? Because while in bed it came to me; Do something for him that you have never done for anyone else because he loves you. I asked PC if he would give me valentine’s day and on my own to surprise him.  He is more of a romantic type than me, far more emotionally mature and sensitive than me and I want to make him happy. I know this will make him happy.

*stabs herself in the leg with arrow

Oh I assure you there will be NO hearts, no flowers and I made a promise to not be a smart ass – so no card saying I want to Romance The Bone – my plan is actually rated PG and every aspect of it is for him. So umm yeah, this whole romantic mushy stuff is kind of painful for me, just writing about it my arm is experiencing a sharp pain running from my brain to my fingers tips but he is just that worth it.

If I don’t end up swallowing one of those hard red cinnamon hearts …

2 comments on “Waiting

  1. 'Tis says:

    I could not agree with you more about the commercialization of a holiday. Seriously! Why the fuck should I feel special about someone giving me flowers or candy or some cheesy azz card written by a word pimp at Hallmark. Society has dictated that you should do these things if you love someone, if you care for them, blah, blah, blah. Gag me with a spoon!

    Obviously B and I do not partake in such non-sense. It means 100x more to me when I find a little love note stuffed into my purse or sitting on the seat of my car. Those random days when I come home from work and there is a bouquet of flowers in a vase, just because he saw them, they were pretty and made him think of me. Or I go to bed slide my hands under my pillow to adjust and get comfy, feel something and there is a book I mentioned I wanted from two months ago. That’s love!

    I’m sure whatever you have planned will be adored and the fact that he is even getting to spend the day with you is all the gift he needs.


  2. The Hook says:

    “Die, both of you just die already.”
    Hilarious! Hang in there, Pyx!
    By the way, why was your husband slaying dragons when he had you in the bedroom waiting to be conquered?

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