I feel as though I have cheated….


Pyx Picture 2014 Paper Tanks

Pyx Picture 2014 Paper Tanks

In an age where some people can simply look something up on the internet to achieve a particular end expressing oneself through art remains a very personal and difficult medium. Certainly we can read or watch about a particular technique but talent requires that we not remove ourselves from emotion:

We will hate how something turned out; while other people think it is great.

We will love one part of a larger piece; but be unable to turn that piece into the center of attention.

We will ridicule ourselves and focus on one feature; while someone else appreciates the whole.

We will continue to try and capture a feeling with pen, paper, ink, chalk, paint or clay and still fall short.

There is no perfection in art and through it begin to understand that in life there is no such thing as perfect – we can take what is ugly and sad to make something beautiful and we can take what was already great and turn it to shit.

Desiree exposed more than her artistic passion with photography and without reading her blog you can appreciate in one photograph, regardless of the actual context, a little of who she is and how she sees the world: vulnerable, invisible, colourful but with a hint of desire for things to simply be appreciated what they are (who we are) even if it means working at it.

Tis’ has an entry that for me expressed a soft romantic side of emotion. Escapism can take shape in many forms but no more than her choice of colours on paper, the soft lines and overall sensation of warmth and security. If ever there was a secret place that one goes too to feel loved, wanted, romantic, and nostalgic rising above everything else – she has a great youthful way of capturing it and willingness to share. Not sure why I see a bit of her and how she wants to feel in this one.

Art is in everything, down to what colour shirt we decide to buy or wear it is about how it makes you feel regardless of what they are showing you.  Every day concerns of time, life, job, kids, marriage or not, we can walk past and miss it. We not only have to take 400 pictures to get one we kind of like, draw till our fingers hurt but we have to actively work at it. Like learning to walk, which none of us knew how to do, someone was there to put out their hands and give us support and coo as we stumbled, fell, and cried. And one day we forgot what it was like to be without the ability to walk because we have simply been doing it all this time.

We share these things with each other because there is a mixture of pride and vulnerability that someone else might catch sight of – so you are all certainly welcome to join in so we can cheer you on- because we used to have this thing we loved doing and over time simply stopped doing it. This is about doing it again.

So my submission and my next challenge:

Pyx Picture 2014 Paper Tanks

Pyx Picture 2014 Paper Tanks

I have been working on my Valentine’s Day theme for PC and though I would not say it is my best application of artistic abilities, I have to say I think it is rather cool. I had fun trying, failing miserably a few times, and over the moon when the first tank took shape –  of course I am working on a more personal adaptation to a thousand origami cranes – but these little blank white paper tanks will say a lot more to him than I am able to with words. I hope. This project was for someone else but in doing it myself I not only learned something new (it’s a paper tank!) I have a better appreciation for people who manage to do very complex and tiny origami. I will always prefer to make someone something if I can over buying it and no one else might ‘get it’ but I am not of the opinion anyone else ‘needs’ to.

I did try my hand at water colour and I failed miserably, swore in 8 languages (five actual, three made up) and crumpled up my failures to use to start a fire. I hated all of them, I hated that I could not do it and I would like to blame the brush, the paint or paper … but my thing is ink. That is what I enjoy most about this; trying something new (though it pissed me off a bit) I am challenging myself. One turned into this strange painting of its own and made me laugh; I almost regret not saving it.

So my next challenge is failure: whatever artistic way you choose to share include a failure. You show me what you feel is a failure and I will show you mine.

5 comments on “I feel as though I have cheated….

  1. Desiree G says:

    I really need to go out and buy a bunch of self-help books!!! The first idea that popped in my head for the “failure” challenge was NOT a good one! Thank you so much, Pyx, for allowing me to crash your artistic challenge. It not only allowed me to embrace my passion for photography, but my middle son and I spent some wonderfully needed one-on-one time while doing so. It renewed my perspective on art, life and motherhood. That certainly cannot be considered a failure! 🙂 Love reading your posts … always. (And awesome job on the tanks. Two months ago I attempted an origami bird and almost got out the shotgun to kill real ones out of frustration)

  2. 'Tis says:

    First, I have to tell you that the tanks are absolutely amazing. The watercolor was meant to be a failure because these are phenomenal. Seriously, copyright the pictures and get’em printed – you could make some money off of them. I’d print it, matte it, frame it and easily hang it in my house. It would be a perfect addition to our military room.

    Second, how you were able to pick up what I was feeling with this painting is beyond me. I honestly didn’t think I was able convey what it was I was after, but you got it and that makes me feel great. I was thinking of home and how much I miss it. There are these country roads that are canopied by trees and this time of year the limbs are bare of any leaves. There are usually some sort of blooming bushes on the road side though and being that it’s winter there is what is known as tule fog that sets in and sometimes hangs around for days. It reduces the visibility, but it creates these beautiful images with each tree that is further away, the details are less evident and a ghostly quality sets in that to me is home. It hasn’t mattered where I’ve lived, this is the memory that always comes back to me this time of year.

    Finally, I’m of course ALL IN for the next challenge. Failure and all. 🙂

  3. The Hook says:

    You’re one smart cookie, Pyx.

  4. G says:

    I’ve done and left myself out of a wonderful little group here. Shame on me. I would love to join, but the failure for me is always in the lack of trying.

    • Pyx says:

      G, please consider it? I mean this whole thing started as a comment ‘I used to do this and I really enjoyed it’ and the lament of no longer doing that thing – kids, family, being an adult are great and we realize how much free time we had to pursue passion in our youth – so we thought why not!

      We are passionate women outside of the bedroom, we all have talents that are not to measured against one another but rather … think of it as a group of women encouraging each other in a supportive way.

      You have a wonderful way with the camera and lighting – if you have even considered trying photography do it! its fun, we are never fully pleased with out work (i made origami tanks, seriously lol )

      It’s that little extra pleasure – taking the kids out to the park and bringing the camera, or helping them with their art project and doing one of our own. Kids love to see us adults try

      come on…. just a bit of peer pressure for you! do it…

      this next project is about failure – i failed at water colour, I hated something because it didnt turn out the way i wanted it too but how else do we learn right?

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