I can now sit comfortably and feel in control of my arms.

Fed vs S&P

It is rather amazing how sex can make your body ache as though you had just completed an intense weekend at survival camp: your arms go numb, your shoulder blades burn, your legs feel weak and every muscle in your body, down to each tiny toe, has been pushed to keep moving through the burn.

And then you sleep, wake up to shower and eat, and then go back to sleep but it feels so good to lay there with your body humming, stiff, bruised, red and swollen because you have accomplished something and gotten what you asked for.

I finally got an evening alone with PC and yes he survived.

Months of pent up sexual want released in a matter of hours can be a little overwhelming. You never forget how it is they feel on top of you, inside you, the sound of their voice when they aren’t with you but no matter how wonderful memories are they begin to lose their vibrancy behind a dull film of time. So when they are within physical reach, where you can touch them, smell them and taste them, it is rather easy to gorge yourself till you are full to bursting and refill the memory bank.

He kissed me so much my skin was left raw and red from his facial hair but well worth every moment they were on me. His cock was pointing at me, commandingly, and I felt powerful with it in my hand and in my mouth but all that vanished in a moment of great defeat when he pushed his way inside me. My first orgasm was small, quick and seemed to put me into the mood to fight back with every inch of my body.

Just how he does it, I have no idea, nor can I explain it but like a beautiful economic graph created by the hand of Allan Greenspan himself, PC not only managed to keep me in a state of constant upwards growth but with sharp peaks of positive stimulus activity; I kept cumming and did not stop till he was done. When my hips weren’t shaking it was my leg thumping uncontrollably while my arms simply lost all function splayed out from my body in a pathetic spasm. I love and hate that he can do that…

He forced his cock up against a particular spot and held it there, hard and still, which is when I began to curse him, his heritage and pretty much any deity that came to mind. It did not matter what position we moved in to, how tender he tried to be, his cock was on target and could not be diverted – I took my place on top of him thinking it would give me some relief but it was to no avail. As soon as his hands wrapped themselves around my throat I began another series of soaking orgasms, my hips slightly burning, my back wet with sweat, my hands on the wall trying their best to support me from collapse; I rode him through the sensitive physical twitches with tears in my eyes towards the end I wanted.

He held off, keeping me suspended in some strange place that I do not know well but have come to enjoy – a mixture of exhaustion and need for more – the room smelt of sex, his hands had me all over them and my mouth still held a lingering taste of his cock. He looked different to me, I wasn’t sure if it was the facial hair or the angle at which we were laying side by side but I had to fight off an urge to grab my camera. We talked, drank some much needed water and he read to me; though I take great pleasure in watching his lips moves this particular time I found myself fixated on his eyes.  I have no idea what it was but I didn’t have the usual desire to smother him because it wasn’t the look of ego he usually has. Odd…

My pussy was numb, swollen and in a state of bliss when he began the second phase of his assault by pulling aside my underpants and fucking me with his fingers. I wasn’t sure he was going to be able to get cock inside me but you have to love a man with tenacity: he took his time and once in held himself there and I tried my best to not let him go. I feel betrayed by my body sometimes, the way I seem to get wet again really quick, all the stupid shaking, twitching, when I blush and the way my eyes roll back into my head is too obvious for my enjoyment and hard to hide. Worse is PC knows it is because of him.

We were having sex but I was having a conversation with myself in my  head – what the fuck am I thinking during sex let alone the things that I say I don’t know but I must come off as a complete weirdo – then like a slap across the face I felt his cock was harder and warmer.  I was so happy I almost began to laugh but instead pushed my aching hips up to meet his till I felt that comforting feeling of heat fill me. Of course I came again and once more as he very carefully moved his cock though all the cum. I was beat, in more ways than one and I could have fallen asleep under him; warm and happy.

We made our way out to the couch and I made him something to eat – put on a movie in the background – and soon he was asleep. I laid myself down on the couch next to him and with my hand in his pocket drifted off.  My husband came home and our regular routine was uninterrupted though PC was here. I tucked D into bed and went back to sleeping on the couch.

I felt his hand grab onto mine and he kissed my forehead and said ‘I love you’ as he got up – not a bad way to wake up I do have to say. We played scrabble and talked most of the day away, while eating and drinking coffee and I asked him to stay a bit longer. I am not sure what I was thinking, there was no way I was going to be able to fuck him again, my body was protesting any movement, but he stayed.

I climbed up onto his lap and kissed him. I had to smile because he is so cute and I wasn’t sure if my knees were going to let me get back up off his lap. I did not even attempt anything sexual instead I insisted he let me take him to dinner before he went on his way, to which he agreed.

5 comments on “I can now sit comfortably and feel in control of my arms.

  1. 'Tis says:

    Such a glorious feeling Pyx, to be used to the point of having none. I love it.

  2. kdaddy23 says:

    Got your shit wrecked again, huh? PC’s da man!

  3. Michael says:

    Whew, I’m exhausted in a good way! This was such a hot read…love reading a woman’s take on a hot night of complete satisfaction and exhaustion! I imagine you both had some fun laughs as he shared how sore and worn out he was as well. Hot, Hot, HOT story, Pyx!

  4. The Hook says:

    PC got to enjoy a hearty round of sex with you AND he got a free meal ion the process?
    Wow, you’re a class act, Pyx!

  5. G says:

    This is the kind of sex I need…I’m so happy you got some PC time again!

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