Bring Forth All the Male Sluts In the Land!

Seriously. I mean it.

I want my feet worshiped: rubbed, washed, massaged, licked and kissed.

Same goes for my ass. Actually I will take a good ass fucking too because I deserve it. Maybe two.

I want to be fanned the whole time so that I do not break out in a sweat.

Water, cold water with ice and fresh fruit served to me before I even have a want of it.

Also a steak, red thick and still mooing with onions and mushrooms on the side.

Wine, red wine, lots of it.

I want my pussy licked, nibbled on and sucked on till I decide which and how many I am going to fuck.

Then I want it eaten again after I am done. Cleaned and sparkling, ready for round two.

I want my nipples blown on, bitten, pinched and twisted.

No kissing on the mouth.

Why you may ask am I calling for all the male sluts of the land?

Because I have survived and completed my task.

I have been subject to pins stuck in my tits, thighs and step on more than a few and dare I say I sat on two.

I have driven out a daemon that broke needles, thread and any other working part that could break, get stuck or leave me with spare parts. No amount of oil, tenderness or tears would do – it called for blood. My blood.

I was covered in microscopic filth that burned my eyes, made my tongue feel funny and cut my nails because I could not stand the sight of the fibers stuck beneath them.

I want sweet almond oil, warmed, rubbed into my skin and massaged into every muscle I have.

I want fingers probing inside every wet hole till I am spent.

I am finished.

Oh you may think who cares my wife, mother, lover, daughter can sew.

Well let me tell you this, I have accomplished a masterpiece of epic patriotic proportion on an ANTIQUE sewing machine that only has ONE SPEED, one stitch setting, and at one point in time was stuck in reverse!!!! (see driven out daemon) not only did this machine make a noise I had not heard outside of a war zone it actually smells questionable, not dead body stink mind you but sulfur from the depths of the underworld.

Oh well la dee da you might say.

To which I respond with evil laughter, the sort that shrivels any ball sack within North American borders!

A hand sew pillow to match.

blanket 004

*wool blanket, with lining, and devil spawned fleece backing. I fucking hate







18 comments on “Bring Forth All the Male Sluts In the Land!

  1. mrmodigliani says:

    Nice work Pyx! If this is a gift, I am sure they will be thrilled

  2. 'Tis says:

    All much deserved I say. You did a remarkable job. 🙂 Love the color choices BTW!

    • Pyx says:

      Thank you, it is far more pretty in person the picture does it no justice. I have never made a blanket type thing before, I foolishly thought fleece would be easier to work with but I was so happy I when I was done.

      • 'Tis says:

        yeah, I haven’t made a quilt in a couple of years now. But I always try to stick basic cotton fabrics. I attempted a satin back once and thought I’d shoot myself.

        It really does look fantastic. 🙂

      • Pyx says:

        HA! I am laughing because as a seamstress ( been sewing since I was about 3 and was a kilt maker at one time in my life) i HATED to work with silk, satin and lining … it makes my fingers feel funny. I just thoughts blanket: long straight lines, squared, easy enough.

        Boy was I wrong. And now my husband is rather insistent that as my husband he should get a big comfy blanket too *bangs head on table* so one more fleece project is in my future.

        I am hoping a nice old lady takes pity on me and donates her more updated no longer used machine or something – the one I have does not even sew over needles. I dont regret giving my machine to my niece back in Canada (before I moved here) because she makes some lovely creations…. but I kinda sorta miss the technology.

        Funny because i do not text, do smart phones or such but when it comes to sewing I am willing to take a smart machine (they make me look smart).

        Thank you, I am very proud of it more so because it turned out okay, not my best work but its a blanket how perfect does it need to be? lol

      • 'Tis says:

        OMG, don’t let B know you were a kilt maker at one time. He’ll be ordering his family tartan and sending you his measurements. 🙂

        I feel your pain, before I got my first sewing machine I used to sew everything by hand, up to and including full on Halloween costumes, BY HAND!!!! haha

        I had a lot more patience back in those days. 🙂

      • Pyx says:

        All my kilts are hand sewn – all nine yards and 18 gauge tartan that I got from a lovely family biz back in Scotland – I just got sick and tired of dealing with people. The more custom something is the more asshatery is abound but it was truly one of the best times of my life. I fucking love tartans and plaids!!! cant stay away from it.

        The funny thing is if I do not have a deadline (read if I am well prepared in advance AND disciplined) I still prefer to sew by hand. There is something rather soothing being covered in the material you are working with.

        Oh that was the best time of the year wasnt it – halloween, kids costumes and that one friend that shows up the night before wanting something made…. as if sewing is so fucking easy. LOL

        I think you still have lots of patience, it is just spread out over more areas than it was … or something like that! at least thats what i chose to believe *wink

        So what do you two have going on for valentines day night? humm…..

      • 'Tis says:

        Wow, I’m impressed. B would love to get a kilt. He’s got a great Celtic tattoo on his leg that would look very nice under one. 🙂 We keep saying one of these days. Maybe I need to surprise him for his birthday with one and then tickets to a Highland Games or something. Hmmmm, got me thinking now Pyx.

        I really haven’t sewn much over the last few years, the occasional curtains, pillows and baby quilt. But I’ll agree, there is something very soothing about being buried under a bunch of fabric while working away on a project.

        I made some of the cutest flippin Halloween costumes. People used to stop us and ask where did you get that? Fuck, I was Martha Stewart before she was. haha

        I’ll go with your theory on patience, sounds good to me.

        We are going to hand out with our daughter for V Day. She has a dance at school that will wrap up in a couple hours, we will pick her up, go to dinner and that’s about it … Aren’t you and PC doing something special tonight? 🙂

      • Pyx says:

        Well if you end up doing the kilt thing, write me, because ordering them online is nothing but disappointing – and I can show you how to properly measure him. I could at least give you my knowledge as far as tartan companies ect.

        I like tattoos… *drools I like men in kilts. Of course I made my ex one, fucking hot as hell in it because he has those great thick muscly legs. He does still wear a utilikilt (look them up they are soooooo cool) all the time, in fact I got him several and he wore them instead of shorts. very cool indeed.

        I love it when people do that – where did you get that – and I get to said I MADE IT! hehehehe

        I think that is lovely, my dad used to get me flowers on Vday too, always made me feel rather special. It is not that much a big deal around here but D brought me some flowers and chocolates home this morning from work… I just love the effort you know.

        PC and I did have plans tonight but we put them off till tomorrow – another snow storm thing going on around here – but the fun part is we are going to go out winter camping. Very excited. Now I just have to figure out how to treck this fucking blanket thing out to a camp site and not have it fall in the snow… ugh.

      • 'Tis says:

        Thank you so much! I will.

        Mmmm, yes! B has some great legs. Nice and muscular and they’ve always reminded me of a cyclists or speed skaters legs. But they are not out of proportion with the rest of his body. He has some interesting tattoos. All surrounding his heritage, he is a Scottish, Irish, Norwegian, Australian LOL Which basically translates to sexy as all fuck.

        I looked up the utilikilt and that is so cool. I bet that would be great for working outside in the summers, here in AZ. There’s no way he’d be allowed to wear one to work, but at home. Mmmm!

        Have fun on your campout tonight and good luck lugging all that stuff out to the camp site. It will be worth it and you will have a great time, can’t wait to hear all about it, if you decide to share of course. 🙂

  3. Julie says:

    You would love my Husband then. He eats good ass, most often when i sit on his face and really do not let him up until i’m ready. Sometimes i talk on the phone( if it rings) . He isn’t in to feet but does lick my underarms and legs.This year were going to the nude beach and i told him i want him to sit away from me and force him to watch the guys flirt with me.

    • Pyx says:

      Sounds like a great adventure at the beach!
      Gotta love a man that has a healthy appetite…

      • Tom and Judy says:

        The girls flirt with him , and he also owes me big time. So this is my little pay back. It’s a great beach, and I’m doing the totally nude thing. ( have to work up to it) Once I’m settled and nude then he leaves but stays in eye distance. Now fast forwarding. Maybe some day he will be made to watch me living out my threesome fantasy..

  4. kdaddy23 says:

    Very nice! Hell, I’ll take the job of eating everything you own…

  5. The Hook says:

    I like a woman who knows what she wants…

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