Oh no, she’s all yours.

Pyx Picture

Pyx Picture

PC and I are headed out shortly for a winter camping expedition.

I cannot stop you from laughing as I have not been able to stop my husband from laughing. However my husband is laughing for other reasons than you might think.

Yes certainly the recent five inches of snow fall is one but he knows me and he is rather certain that this little adventure will lead to my being found chewing on PC’s remains over a fire and pissed off for two weeks upon my return home.

No this is not about survival, being born of North Eastern extractions I have experience with snow survival but this is about my poor ability to work with others. I do not ‘work’ well with others and it is something I always struggle with. I try to let people do something their way without interfering but I often fail. It is not that I know better, because often I do not, it is because my brain works on some stupid frequency that puts everything into a grid … it’s mathematical but this means I often overlook the human element.

I know you are thinking ‘what woman doesn’t stand back and tell a man what to do’ but that is not what this is. You see it was my job to observe systems or rather a way of doing things that took 42 movements and cut it down to 32 or some such. What is the most efficient way to get from A to B and have everyone still accomplish a task with all their fingers and toes intact? What if anything can be removed or added to the process.  Can we do X without so many parts or materials and still have the project be structurally sound.

In a poly relationship, and the argument could be made that the way I approach people is why I have one, I have to be very careful for several reasons. Not only do I feel a sense of responsibility to two people but also the relationship they have with each other. From time to time I must take them as a team, having each others best interest at heart.

On the surface you might think ‘good for you Pyx, your husband has no interest in going winter camping but PC does’ and that my husband is content knowing someone else is doing this with me so he can sit at home and watch porn (more like play xbox).  Truth be told my husband holds a certain amount of … concern… for PC’s wellbeing. He carefully reminded me this morning that I should go ‘easy’ on PC, that I should occupy myself with another task while allowing PC to complete his own the way he sees fit. That I should, to the best of my ability, consider when to give in because I cannot bend the world to my will as I tend to become mired in a battle of wits with the universe: through heavy full body laughter my husband handed me the credit card and told me to get a room when I have run out of patience.

I was not offended nor were my feelings hurt, he knows I have survived harsher conditions he is just not sure that PC will survive me “I expect to see him walk in here with big Pyx boot prints all up and down his body” was the sentiment – and my husband is right.

That right there is an important part of this whole poly relationship thing, the physical pleasures of sex aside, and sometimes I do feel as though they gang up on me (humourously ) about my competitive nature, it is a wonderful but strange balance between three people.

I know what my faults are, I have had them all my life but I am thankful that my husband could put them in the context of PC – PC is not my husband, he has not been with me for x amount of years, nor have we attempted such a thing together. My husband and I have attempted such adventures, which might be why he refuses to camp with me and has little to do with snow. Seriously, he would go camping with me but he has worked some long hours and this is something PC and I have talked about doing for some time.

If you are the type of person that beats up on other people, being poly will not make it any less so, it will only provide you with another human being to beat up on. If you are the miserable sort, this will only spread that misery and come back on you twofold. If you do not trust your partner and their advice, involving someone else is not going to make things better.

It took my husband and me two years together, alone, to balance ourselves out before we involved someone else, though I have always been poly, I have not always been with my husband he was new to me. We had to know each other so that with a certain level of confidence we could get involved with someone else. Dare I say in my particular situation we each at some point in time become the body man – emotionally protecting the other. This morning he was simply looking out for PC.

My husband is not the kind of man my girlfriends (if I had any) would want for themselves, he does not turn heads nor is he rich but when he takes the time to do talk with me this way, he becomes even more spectacular in my eyes. It is not easy for a man to look at his wife, let alone any woman, and say ‘ watch yourself, you can become really bossy’ and not get punched in the nose let alone have it followed with ‘remember PC is important to you and he wants to do this with you not for you’

So yes, this adventure is not just about snow and winter camping, it is about so much more and I think I can do it. Oh please Lord help me do it without blowing shit up.

5 comments on “Oh no, she’s all yours.

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Hold up… Trips on Rocks is an efficiency expert? Seriously? Hmm… that explains much and this alone strikes me as funny. Your husband is a good egg, hands down, but I don’t blame him for letting PC deal with your unique brand of insanity, boot prints and all. I know why you go camping with him: In the woods, no one can hear him scream…

    So you can’t just sit back and act like a girl, huh? I think it’s hilarious because it seems you think that you’ve got a bigger dick than PC! Just simply amazing, Pyx… and I’m never gonna go camping with you, by the way…

    • Pyx says:

      Okay Kdaddy, here is your response and I hope you enjoy it for all the honesty herein contained:

      camping with me is fun! fire, food and a harmonica…

      I am one of those girls, the ones that excel at everything because they are driven to find an answer, then win and perfect their skills. I have never been given a job I could not do and did not end up being in charge within three weeks: my leadership skills as a negotiator are outstanding but they are by no means democratic. My husband is a wonderful man, intelligent in his own right and tested/verified but even he admits to others that … I’m just special let’s put it that way.

      My brain functions in a strange mathematical system: people, even those that gave me life, I love and care for, are filed, subtracted and multiplied in a strategic maneuvering that leaves others to question if am I not actually machine. Before anything else my brain seeks out a pattern and equations that allows me to put in the secondary emotional aspect: so when it comes to dealing with people I am great if it does not require me to touch them but I know when touching is called for most of the time.

      I clean house with my stock picks tho! But people will always register as numbers, dots and percentage lines in a graph to me.

      PC and I have an ongoing joke: my balls just haven’t dropped yet! But yes we believe them to be bigger than his and perhaps it is unlady like but it is the type of survival skills that would have saved us in the woods in the middle of winter (can you believe he didn’t pack any black garbage bags?! But we both had a nail file).

      He is wonderful in that he takes the jokes on the chin while sipping his PMS tea (berry tea but I call it his PMS tea) so yes it might amaze you but – this whole gender thing when it comes to know how doesn’t register with me because I have life experiences that some men could not come out of on the other end in one piece.

      Some of it dumb luck but most of it brains and balls my friend! Massive set of balls… *holds her arms and hands out* huge.


    • Pyx says:

      Ha! Now that I think on it a little, I am exactly who you want to go camping with. I would get the fires started (after I cut the wood) and put up the tent while you open the wine and pour us a glass *wink

      Come on we effecs specialist arent all bad – it’s only one part of the fifty other things we do at the same time – sometimes you just gotta sit back and watch, enjoy it for what it is right? Sometimes you guys even get to step in after we fucked up…

      Nah on a serious note I was so well behaved on this trip that I did NOT correct or point out to PC that he was driving in the wrong direction … for three hours! how is that for balls. I was so fucking nice it hurt…

      Im looking for some cred here kdaddy. LOL

      • kdaddy23 says:

        I dunno… I’d want to be the one to get the fires started, gather the wood and all that stuff – being a Boy Scout and surviving Air Force survival training has made me more than capable – you should see me build a lean-to! You can open the wine. I’m not saying efficiency experts are bad because most of them think the way I do – thanks to being a computer scientist, you learn how to think logically and are able to find the easy path to things because in my line of work, the KISS principle just makes sense.

        You are special and I’m glad I met you… but I’m still not sure I’d want to go camping with you because no one would hear me scream….

  2. The Hook says:

    If you do blow shit up – write about it.

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