Pyx answers her mail: why is it so hard?


Q: why is it so difficult for us to find a female willing to join me and wife? We are good people, but it seems like this search has been going on forever! Where do we go, it is just sex after all!

A: If you could see my face in it lays all the answers to this ridiculous question.

Yes it is just sex, but sex still comes with standards – why is it so hard for you couples to get that?

Single ladies are rarely online looking to get in the middle of a couple: some might attend swinger’s parties but they rarely go alone, they are usually on a man’s arm. It is not a fantasy a lot of women have, to be the ‘spice’ to your sex life – she has one of her own!

The average single woman can walk down to 7/11 and pick up a guy: if she is single and using the internet chances are she has some limitations in her situation or is looking for something more specific than the average pick up can provide – and that is what most couples are, just a pick up. It is not going to lead to something serious and long term.

Usually couples break down into some strange desperation/frustration because this didn’t happen as soon as they posted their Craigslist ad – it is kind of sad really. If you two aren’t fucking and having a great time without me, why the hell would I want to get in the middle of that?! We all have fantasies, we all want things to happen, but you couples get downright obnoxious with accusations of single women not being ‘real’ or as you said ‘it is just sex’.

And I am speaking now as a single woman that has had sex with couples: we are weary of the potential for double drama! It’s all fun and sex till it isn’t. I do not know what your ad said but you couples come with a shit load of baggage. I have been asked to ‘talk her into it’ or ‘make the first move’ I have been told that I could go down on her but she might not go down on me and the worst is hearing that ‘my husband just wants to watch and maybe join’ … WTF?! Are you people even talking to each other realistically?!

And where am I supposed to find glory and joy in this? Married cock is not the draw here, the couple is, so chances are best increased if you were to go someplace that has single girls in the mix – where they can observe you, meet up or have things happen in a safe level playing field type environment like a swingers club, party ect. Because the louder you scream the less we listen and go off and find other people to have sex with.

7 comments on “Pyx answers her mail: why is it so hard?

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Wow, that was a rather brusque answer to a typical question, not a ridiculous one… and I don’t think you answered the question, either – you just went on a rant about why you, a single woman, wouldn’t be interested.

    I know it’s your blog, sweetie, but, jeez, that was just a shitty answer…

    • Pyx says:

      I think I answered it just fine, unless you know the secret location to single girls who fuck couples at the drop of a hat…

      keeping in mind I have answered this before in my blog, and weekly in emails… couples are often impatient and often not on the same page – why do I want to get in the middle of a woman that is going through the motions for her man? Having a threesome is about the couple not just doing the guy or just the girl… where is the pleasure in it for me?

      sorry, I don’t think it was shitty answer at all, if you can/want to do better in just as many words.. have at’er! You have a blog too and you can link it here.

      • kdaddy23 says:

        Nah, I’ve gone over the answer to this question more times than I care to think about it… but the question wasn’t about you… was it? If it was, okay, your response makes sense, given your experiences, personality, and all that. So whoever asked the question knows why YOU wouldn’t have one… but I just felt that you didn’t tell them why it was hard to have a threesome.

        I probably could (and have) answer the question… but they didn’t ask me, honey – they asked you so you get to answer if it so pleases you – and it didn’t appear to please you all that much.

        If I find that secret location, I’ll share it with you.

        I’m not really ‘arguing’ with you – I’m really just picking on you more than anything else.

      • Pyx says:

        I enjoy our back and forth – I can take it!

        I don’t think all that jealousy emotional stuff is where I was coming at with this because most couples can’t even get that far – a single woman can tell when a couple is working at cross purposes here and the reason we don’t even let it get to the act is because we know things so couples need to wake up *snaps her fingers* and get with the programme.

        Is it the single female’s responsibility to the couple’s marriage: if the wife freaks out or the husband switches up the rules half way through a show? Hell no! That is their marriage and their issue, we certainly don’t want to see it, we want to have fun too but a lot of these couples have a fucking ‘must’ rule list as long as my arm.

        Never said I wouldn’t have one – in fact I mention that I have and this is from my perspective as a single woman that has been in the middle of a couple. You have to remember I am under no obligation to a site or company, nor am I a professional getting paid, to give people placating responses to very obvious answers: it might never happen! And that is the truth.

        Not sure when the last time you were on a swinger site or on Craigslist casual hookup section but couples looking for single women are plenty and obnoxious and behave self-entitled as if we single girls should be sitting around diddling ourselves waiting to be used by them: none of them as of yet are able to negotiate my joining them in exchange for his wife joining me and mine so why is it should be delicate with them? I am pretty sure your friend lifeof understands exactly what I am saying; she is a single woman in a swinger setting and must have the same experience as the rest of us.

        Single women do not need married cock/pussy: we can get cock and pussy on it’s own. Couples lack the ability to present themselves, a package deal, beneficial to a single woman. And they get pissed off because they have been trying for a week and get no responses? Pulleeeze.

        Against most often than not it is something that just happens but when a couple is out there actively seeking a single female for their fantasy they overlook that we ladies come with our own – why would I go down on a woman that wouldn’t return the favor? Why should I eat her pussy so he can watch and not get any cock or head? What part of that is realistic to you? Most often than not these people are ridiculous because you know as well as I do that HE wants more it more than SHE – and the ads are written in some strange disjointed couples lingo that even they don’t understand because they aren’t on the same page.

        You and I know half of these couples are only writing the ads because the wife has let it go that far and it won’t go any further – the number of ‘couples’ I’ve talked too, where I spent time negotiating with him only to get her on the phone and have her say ‘I didn’t think he would actually find someone’ is shocking.

        The expectations on single females to get involved with couples (it’s just sex what’s the big deal – seriously?) is offensive when it overlooks the very fact that she too is a woman with sexual desires and not just a fuck toy. And they have the nerve to get pissy and tell us we aren’t real… pfft. Evs.

        see you got me ranting again! ha

  2. It is refreshing to read someone who is articulate and able to concisely explain a topic. I believe you have given married couples looking for a single woman to join them something to think about regarding their expectations and their approach to their search.

    • Pyx says:

      Thank you I was coming from a different angle that involves the emotional logistic aspect to the first steps of negotiations: which single girls can pick up on any subtle issues even the couples are unaware they have.

  3. kdaddy23 says:

    I get what you’re saying, Pyx, and you’re right; last time I was on our favorite site, the number of couples begging for a single female were staggering and some of the ones looking were people I wouldn’t let pet my cat. Their mindset is baffling because, at least to me, they’re brave enough to be out there playing but not brave enough to do the foursome thing and, yeah, they can be so picky… and in a situation where they’re counting on a woman to do them a favor.

    And I just love getting you to rant – you’re so good at it!

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