Beard Buster: my 300th blog entry

Not Pyx Pussy

Not Pyx Pussy

“I really need your assistance with something” in my mind the request was perfectly logical and easy to accomplish. His willingness to help me before he knew what it was I needed made me blush a little but I ran with it.  I disappeared for a moment and returned with everything he would need: a razor, small white towel, a larger towel, shaving cream and some skin moisturizing oil.

“Let me get a bowl of hot water” and I skipped my way over to the sink as he sat there looking a little baffled. “With my sprained wrist and fingers I cannot get the angle right and I would hate to cut anything important” I laughed.

I put the bowl of hot water down on the floor and put a towel down over the cushion of the couch – I removed my pants and underpants together and sat myself down on the towel. I looked at him expectantly and realized he was still sitting there in a state of shock.

“I appreciate this very much” I said with a smile “it is driving me a little crazy not being able to complete my own shower routine” but he just sat there with a weird uncomfortable smile on his face. “Have you ever done this before?” I asked. “No. It is not usually something a guy gets asked to do” he replied. “Oh well it is no different than shaving your own face, just take your time, be careful and I can certainly walk you through it should you need guidance” I teased him laughing and nudging his shoulder. “This is nothing like shaving my own face” he laughed back as he got on his knees beside the bowl of hot water.

I brought my bottom up to the edge of the couch and opened my legs – I wasn’t sure if I should just set myself down on my back and not watch or if my watching would make it more uncomfortable for him. There was a very long pause. I pushed at his thigh with my foot and said “it rubs the lotion into the skin or …” and we both broke out in laughter. “Put the small towel in the hot water and ring it out and hand it to me please” I put my hand out and waited.

As I put the hot towel down between my legs I took in the hot sensation, I like that feeling and quite naturally my pussy throbbed with great expectation knowing what was to come. “Do you want me to apply the shaving cream?” I was using a mocking tone but he shot me a look as if to say ‘I’m not a complete imbecile’ and removed the cap from the can. I watched the foam cover his finger tips and carefully put down the can when he decided there was enough. He is attentive, careful and methodical – all things I can appreciate in a person and the decision was made: I was going watch.

With his free hand he carefully removed the hot towel and I took it from him and placed it on my thigh – my pussy was hot but the air was cool and the mixture left an even greater sensation bellow. He was focused and approached me the way a man would disarming a bomb; he was tensely biting his lower lip knowing the whole thing could blow up in his face should he cut the wrong wire.

Once his foamy fingers came into contact with my pubic hair my knees tensed, then relaxed as I let my legs fall open for better access. I watched as he moved the foam around the way a painter does with his brush and his serious demeanor gave way to a shudder of excitement through my entire body.

I handed him the razor and it was the first time he had looked at me since I asked for his help but I wasn’t smiling to comfort him anymore but rather smirking as if to dare him. Without looking away from me he rose to the challenge and put the razor into the hot water, shook it about and brought it up just above the foam. “This is surreal” he said shaking his head from side to side.

Sharp hot steel blades pressed through cold foam and touched my skin with a comforting tingle – and he pulled down the razor ever so carefully that I thought he might have only removed the shaving cream. He rinsed off the razor and went over the same spot again but this time the heat was not just from the blades. “Not completely bald” I said as I left him to his task, taking in the sight and his obvious discomfort: he seemed very serious about doing a good job but it was clear he was also turned on.

“Now you have to take your other hand and with your fingers hold the lips apart to make sure you haven’t missed a spot” I pushed my pubic bone up a bit. “You wanted me to do this, I’m doing it” he said with as much authority as he could muster. “okay, okay” I giggled “ I was just trying to help”. “We guys like to think this is something girlfriends do for each other” he said as he kept his eyes on his work. “I’m sure it is but lucky for me all my girlfriends are guys” I said. He just let out a sigh as though he just realized what he was doing.

The palm of his hand was warm but it felt heavy resting on my mound – his finger and thumb pressed open my pussy lips and I had not realized just how wet I had gotten till all that cold air hit me. His pupils dilated into huge black pools and he smiled deviously as he puckered his lips and blew over my clit. My knees would have boxed his ears had it not been for his shoulders keeping them apart. I didn’t say anything but faked my best unimpressed look when actually I was pleased he was enjoying himself.

He shaved over everything a bit longer than was necessary but I was not about to complain. He let my pussy lips go and once everything was naturally tucked away he passed the razor upwards – where just the lightest touch ran over the very tip of my now very swollen clit. “Masterpiece. Do I get to shave my initials there now?”  He said jokingly but we were both very serious and perhaps sullen it was over so quickly.

Like a professional barber he began to clean up, took the small towel from my thigh and got up to rinse it under hot water under the tap. He rang it out and came back to wipe away all the sticky shaving cream away. He pressed apart my lips again and lightly used the towel – it felt great, slick, cold and hot all at the same time. It’s amazing when things are shaved smooth because it feels sleek, aerodynamic like a race car and you can’t help but want to race with it.

He took the oil and let it drip directly onto what little hair I had left but I felt it slowly run down my now very bare skin. His fingers made little circles that got bigger every time around till finally he put his whole palm down over my pussy and rubbed at me harder. I almost came right there but he stopped and I knew there was no way I could leave it just at a shave.

I pushed my bottom off the edge of the couch and he pushed the bowl and shaving accessories aside. He let his fingers roam around for a few minutes as we just looked at each other: my face with a slight look of defeat and victory smeared all over his but it was a silent gentleman’s agreement to proceed.

Once again he pulled my lips apart and there was no way to tell the difference between my own wetness and that of the oil. He took his index finger and began to circle my clit, making sure to not miss a spot. Now and then he would lightly let his finger slide over it as if it were an accident and go right back to teasing me by ignoring it completely.

He reached over and got the wet towel and wiped off as best he could the oil – for a moment I thought he might get up and be finished and I would be forced to make another request of him but he blew softly over my pussy and I realized exactly what he was doing.

His finger circled my clit again, never directly touching it and then it slid down a bit – dipped in my own lubrication. His finger actually felt quite large, powerful and thick, it just rested there at my opening for a moment before he slid it back up to circle my clit with my own slick fluid.

He rested himself to his side, his shoulder blade holding back my right leg as they began to shake. He did not relent; he kept up the circling motion evenly as I came. Being held open like that made me more aware of the contractions as I could feel everything hot and wet being hit with the cold air in the room.

He didn’t stop but this time he spent more time running his finger directly on my clit and pushing on it – I took my good hand and wrapped my fingers around his neck I came again but this time I could feel my own pussy juices slowly creeping in the crack of my ass.  Just as my orgasm was about to subside, my heart rate in sync with his,  he slipped in a finger while still holding my lips open with his other hand. Within seconds I was coming again.

Of course I forced his face into my pussy, he licked and sucked and nibbled at me so perfectly I wondered why I had gotten him to shave me sooner and entertained the idea of having him over more often to do it. His beard felt good against my freshly bare skin, soft but sometimes prickly – it tickled my butt cheeks a little – and he finally let my lips go and licked me from bottom to top like a kid would one of those giant lollipops. I didn’t stop coming, some were just more intense than others but I wanted more than just his mouth.

I continued to play with myself as I watched him get undressed; he has a great body. I enjoy the fact he has no tattoos but instead scars to tell his stories. I watched as cock jumped out pointing straight at me with great intent. My fingers were wet enough that I was able to get his cock slick with them before he put on his condom. He took his place kneeling between my legs, back on his heels, and with both hands lowered me down on to his cock. My elbows were still up on the couch so the angle at which his cock was hitting things was intense: it was a similar sensation to when I squirt but it has never happened during sex.

He pushed my hips up and when he pulled me back down again he forced himself upwards – I could feel my pussy sticking to him for a second before I moved back up – and the sound of slapping flesh only added to the feeling. He put his arms around me and pulled me off the couch and to keep from falling backwards I wrapped my arms around his shoulders (I hadn’t realized how muscular they were before). His hand pressed on to the small of back forcing me to stay down and close on his cock and within moments I was coming again, my legs and arms quivering uncontrollably.

His breathing intensified, he kissed and nibbled on my neck and shoulder while he held me there on top of him, I was still shaking and cursing my way through another orgasm. There was a layer of sweat between us, my tits sliding against his chest and just when I wasn’t sure I could focus on one more thing I was feeling – I felt his finger rest against my asshole. He pressed every so lightly and it caused another orgasm that had him cursing with me “Holy fuck. You are … come again for me” and I did. He stopped for a moment, he held me impaled on his cock and he was panting on my neck under my chin “Jesus Christ you are amazing I can feel you dripping all over my balls”. There is no sense in my being embarrassed about it, it happens and I kissed him to shut him up. Without moving an inch I clenched my pussy around his cock and came again as he cursed his way through being so well used.

I pushed myself back and off his lap, my legs of no use and laid myself down on the floor and against all reasoning with my brain on fire I carefully reach out to take his cock in my hand and roll off the condom. “You shaved it, you should get to cum all over it” and I put the head of his cock against my clit and let go. I got myself up on my elbows to watch as he took over, pushing the tip of his cock through all my cum and stroking himself slowly at the same time. I watched as my pussy lips hugged his cock till it popped its way up over my clit – he would pull himself back down through the mess and stroke himself a few times before doing it again. The visual was outstanding!

I could have gone on all night like that but decided to help the guy out – with his cock sliding its way along my slit, I put the palm of my hand down over it – his cock barely free to move which caused him to force it past the obstruction and hit my clit directly. It was perfect, I kept my hand pushed down trapping his cock between it and my pussy when he stopped and his hips jerked… right under my clit I felt the first splash of hot cum.

He slapped my hand away with one hand and with his thumb and index finger once again opened my pussy lips, grabbed onto himself with his other hand and held himself up against my clit as cum shot from his cock; with each spasm he milked himself, each drop landing on and up against my clit. I came just watching it but came again once the heat of his semen registered in my brain. He let go of my pussy lips but held on to his cock and he slid it over my clit covered in cum. He made sure to use his cock to spread it all over the place, pushing the head of his cock between my lips to push up more of his semen over my clit and my pussy lips – I was watching it with utter fascination because I was surprised at how much there really was.

I let out a laugh first, not mocking but impressed and giddy. He let out a laugh and said “definitely not like shaving my own face”

13 comments on “Beard Buster: my 300th blog entry

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    I know how D felt – I had that ‘weird’ feeling the first time my wife asked me to shave her. You learn that while handling a razor is routine when shaving your face, shaving a coochie for the first time is enough to make your hands shake! But, at the same time, it is so intimate; the whole time I shaved my wife, my cock was so hard and, yep, when I was done and cleaned her up, I dove face first into that pussy – I told her I had to test my workmanship, not that she believed me.

    After that, any woman that I was with who asked me to shave her, whoo, I couldn’t wait to get down there and get to work. But it’s also a trust issue and, of course, she’s trusting me not to nick her or create any irritation… but I’m damned good at doing this. Now, Linda asked me to shave her – she usually does it herself – and it was all I could do not to start laughing at the look on her face, knowing that she was scared shitless and, as such, didn’t want to believe that I’ve done this hundreds of times. It took her a while to finally relax – she kept wanting to close her legs and I told her that if she kept tensing up, she was gonna jar my hand; I stopped, looked into her eyes and said, “Baby, you have to trust me and trust that I know what I’m doing, okay?”

    She was good after that… but it was still funny as hell.

    • Pyx says:

      What makes you think this was my husband?

      It wasn’t. *wink

      That man uses a single blade bic on his face, and it is nothing but triple blade close shave for Lily.

      • kdaddy23 says:

        Your coochie has a name… didn’t see that one coming! Okay, so it wasn’t D… but I recognized that sense of trepidation.

        D uses a single blade? Wow, must be an Army thing! I use the five-bladed Schick razor; it works great on my face and my head, makes everything nice and smooth!

      • kdaddy23 says:

        Oh, and congrats on your 300th entry!

  2. Johnney says:

    Great story. Enjoyed reading it. Lucky guy. Lucky you too.

  3. bericm says:

    “not usually something a guy gets asked to do”, but damn it, we want to …

  4. 'Tis says:

    Oh Pyx! This sounds so much better then when I let B wax me. Fuckin Aye! I may just have to ask him to take a crack at this too. 😉

    Of course I’m now curious as to whether you’ve ever let one of your male girlfriends do this to you?

    • Pyx says:

      Have I ever let a guy wax me? No.
      Shave me, well obviously yes: I have a wonderful ‘slave’ once that used to do my shaving, pedicures and even let him floss my teeth. I fucking LOVE watching/having a guy shave my legs!

      I let a girlfriend in university wax me once and it left me with horrible blood blisters. Many years later I tried it once again only to find my hair (since it is so fine) was growing under my skin… way too complicated for me.

      I am not a hairy person, I think hair serves a purpose and should be there, I am just about being tidy but I have gotten guys to do a shit load of strange shit to me that makes waxing seem normal.

      The fun thing that even if you are a waxer or lazer hair removal type girl – remove the razor blades but still go through the whole scenario is quite hot on it’s own but I have a whole sharp shiny fetish of my own.

      I bet B would do a wonderful job too….

      • 'Tis says:

        I’d only ever tried waxing once before I let B do it and I had used the wrong kind. It was a mess and so painful.

        This time around I bought the really good hard wax, that being said unless I go to a professional to try again – I’m sticking to shaving. I’m not an amazon down there and its so much easier. lol

        But I do like the idea of having B do it. The way you described it, oh yeah! A definite must. 🙂

  5. The Hook says:

    Here’s to 300 more!

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