Overheard at the Chateau


Female voice: Oh my, it is so big!

D: Yes I know, that’s what all the ladies tell me…

Me: what the hell? It is five in the morning what is going on out here?

D: Oh Oh Max, we have been found out; the wife is up.

Female voice: Should I fall in combat and you save me, how would you like me to voice my gratitude master?

Me: You have got to be shitting me.

D: What? I was watching a video on youtube how to pimp my pawn so she has all this cool shit now and can throw fire balls and lightning…

Me: can’t you just be normal and watch porn like all the other husbands?!

D: but look, I gave her your powerful arms and thighs; she is one bad-ass hootchie *winks

Me: seek help; I’m going back to bed. And turn that down …

D: At least Max lets me believe I am the master!!!

Female Voice: Have I pleased you Master?

Me: shut up Max! Don’t make me come back in there



8 comments on “Overheard at the Chateau

  1. 'Tis says:

    LMFAO!!! Can’t you just watch porn like all the other husbands? Hahahaha

  2. kdaddy23 says:

    You both need help… spending the night at your place must be a hoot.

    • Pyx says:

      We do not! That is why we have each other…
      Oh yeah, a real hoot, till you get caught in the middle of it but all are encouraged to join in when at the Chateau.

  3. B says:

    That is too funny. I can’t wait to hear what else goes on in the chateau.

    • Pyx says:

      He does make me laugh, a lot. We are fortunate to enjoy each other and have the same dry delivery – had it been anyone else their feelings might get hurt!

      You should see him ‘shop’ in the game for things to buy her… cracks me up!

      • B says:

        We have the same type of humor in our house. I can’t imagine the “stuff” he is buying.

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