Spring is hung


I mean has sprung.

I get a little distracted as the nice weather comes along; the guys are out on their heavy equipment in their tee-shirts. I like sweaty man flesh dirty from a hard day’s work…

I cannot be the only one that is tempted to give a nice hand job while out on a Sunday drive in the country with the windows open. I like finding that secluded spot to park the car and fool around under the sun…

People seem far more agreeable to adventure in nicer weather and it has been a long winter here in Indiana, though weather does not stop me, I have found with the seasonal change more options open up: for me, sex is really about other people’s willingness to participate.

As predicted the young woman I was communicating with has vanished – since I was expecting it and not surprised- I feel indifference to this outcome. I am not wasting anytime entertaining the idea that it was something I said.

While spring cleaning I have added a few things to my personal bucket list, counterproductive to cleaning perhaps but I do so love getting dirty.

2 comments on “Spring is hung

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Hell, I wouldn’t object to being snowed in with ya…

  2. blogermall says:

    I’m sure farmer boy would enjoy a nice handjob on the tractor on a hot afternoon. I’m from the farm myself, and I can tell you it gets damn boring driving back and forth across that field. I myself have spilled some unauthorized seed in the field as I fantasized my way down the rows. Once, long after I left the farm, I was driving down a country road watching some poor guy try to bale hay by himself. You can’t do this. You need someone driving the tractor and someone loading the wagon. So I stopped my car, hopped on the wagon, and helped the guy out. If I were of the Pyx persuasion I might have jumped on the tractor with him an jacked him off. I’m sure it would have been appreciated.

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