Hockey Night in Indiana



And for those of you or non-northerly citizenship Hockey Night in Canada is when you politely molest your wife on all fours facing the TV so no one misses a part of the game.

In Indiana however…

I have no idea, I have been out of touch with my fellow ‘puckers’ since moving here because oh I live in the one state (or so it seems) that does not give two sticks about hockey. Columbus Ohio has a freaking NHL hockey team, but it would to be defying gravity even to find a high school match around here.

Yes Pyx has chosen to watch the Canadiens smack in the middle of the holy American tradition of the final four basketball games. Chances are slim to none that I would be able to just saunter in to a pub and watch the game without making a special request, let alone upsetting every redneck in the joint – but being Pyx comes with its perks, oh yess, it does.

So this weekend there will be one TV tucked in the dark corner of the bar, amongst 40 other sets that will have balls bouncing all over the place, playing my game for me. However watching it fully clothed and sitting upright will be a change.

I do so miss Canada.



2 comments on “Hockey Night in Indiana

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Fuck the Final Four – let’s get the Stanley Cup playoffs started!

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