Sexual habitual II

Pyx Picture

Pyx Picture

My husband and I are two peas in a pod. We have the same approach to sex; with each other and with other people. Sex is this pleasurable physical endeavour that is often a transaction with a beginning and an end. The emotional stuff is not required nor is it encouraged.

My husband does have his own little quirks like kissing; he feels it is far too intimate to do with someone that is not your partner, so when we have been with other couples he never kissed the other woman on the mouth but he has gone down on them.

This sort of thing is what fascinates me about sex; we all have our own little things.

So while PC is visiting or while PC and I are doing our own sexual things my husband is not far removed sexually. Our sex life has always been great, not as often as I would like but then I am not of the opinion I should get what I want when I want it.

If PC is in residence my husband will usually wait till he leaves to fuck me but recently he decided not to. Now a while ago I asked PC how quickly he could cum inside me while my husband was in the other room – not something I have ever done before – so when my husband came to bed with me I had a flash of the same ‘hot guilt’ knowing PC was in the next room not yet asleep.

My husband tossed back the blankets and pulled down my underpants, he forced open my knees and took his position between my legs. He pulled up my night shirt as he rammed his cock inside me and I had to put my own hand over my mouth to keep quiet. He was on his knees and holding my legs apart as he fucked me. My orgasm was quick – I might have tried to cough to cover up a bit of the heavy breathing – but he was nowhere near finished.

The sound of fucking was starting to fill the room and I was blushing hot because I knew there was no way it could be mistaken for anything else. I almost felt bad for PC, having to listen in the next room, but this is my husband I am not one to deny him anything. My husband pinched and nibbled on my tits, which always brings on another series of orgasms, when he was finally ready himself… the house all of a sudden was too quiet and I let out a giggle and started a conversation with my husband to cover it up.

Some days later it had rained two days in a row and to occupy my time I sat down to chat online with some virtual acquaintances. I had not forgotten how much my husband loves it when I flirt and play to a crowd; he loves to watch me ‘do my thing’ in a chat room full of men. I will sometimes put my cam on, because I think it’s nice for people to see there is a face to Pyx but it never goes beyond the casual flirtations that would take place in my everyday life: I do not get naked and jerk off on cam.

At some point my husband had had enough and came from behind me – he stood me up clearly in view of the cam and rubbed at me; his right hand around my throat and his left pinching at my nipples through my shirt. My husband did not need the encouragement of the men in the chat room, they simply went silent in hopes of a show. I was turned on at the fact my husband didn’t ask – he knows I am not against the idea of others watching- and I desire my husband in all ways but this is one thing I lust after him the most.

He bent me over the desk and made sure my face was close enough to the cam so that everyone could watch my face and not much of anything else was exposed. My husband was barely visible behind me but it was clear he had pulled down my pants and was now fingering me for easier access. My husband pulled my head back and pulled up my shirt to expose my breasts to the virtual room, he then bent me back over and entered me.

Watching yourself cum is interesting, not something one is used too, but when your husband is making sure to hold your head so your face is clearly visible to a virtual room of men, the only recourse to not see such a thing would be to close your eyes – if you do that you lose your crowd. If you are artistically inclined you manage to show a lot without showing much at all, it is not about naked body parts, it is about the stuff they cannot see.

He fucked me through a few orgasms, the crowd being ever so kind with their compliments applauded him as though I had no part in the matter, and he came in me from behind. He pulled up his pants, smacked me on the ass and pulled up my jeans for me. Ahh the romantical creature he is! I finished my chat with the guys and went to bed feeling rather good; it has been ages since my husband has been so playful.

The other night however he brought it up again. If you do not use it you lose it remember. I was on my stomach ready for sleep when he sat himself down on my backside, pulled down my underpants and slid his fingers between my cheeks and pressed one finger against my backdoor “I have been ignoring you” he said as one finger entered each hole. “no,no you haven’t” I moaned back.

“Oh but I think I have. You got really wet letting them watch me fuck you the other night” his fingers now moving in unison and bringing me close to an orgasm. Already. “but you are always wet and ready for cock aren’t you” he continued “and can handle more than one cock at a time”

I admit it has been a while since I have had two cocks at once and the memory of it had me clamp down on his fingers and almost cum right then there but he removed his finger from my asshole and in its place I felt his hard cock pressing against it. “I should have extended the invitation for a couple of them to join us” he pushed his way through and I let out a yelp of painful pleasure.

He fucked me, fast and hard, as he spoke “I’m thinking maybe of letting them fuck you in the ass just like this” and all I could do was cum moaning into my pillow. “maybe I will just tie you down and let them have their way with you for a change since you always have your way with them” he was being playful but serious at the same time and the idea of being tied down always gets a reaction out of me; I do not like the idea at all.

I pushed myself up when the words were spoken but he forced me back down, his hands on my shoulder blades, into the mattress – we both enjoy a physical struggle with our sex sometimes but he never fails to impress me with his knowledge of what buttons to push. His cock got harder and he pushed himself in deeper with force “do you think you could handle more than one cock in your ass in a night” he wasn’t really asking. He was still somewhat seated on my bottom, his cock buried in my ass, so I could not move myself from under his body and it felt great.

He picked up his pace but kept himself deep as he went into great vulgar detail talking about my having a ‘cock in my mouth and one in my ass at the same time’  till he came and collapsed on top of me. He rolled himself off and laid there a moment, catching his breath and said “You are going to kill me one of these nights” but I am clueless as to how I had anything to do with that. I will however take him up on the offer of more than one cock at a time just without being tied up but I have to say my habitual sex is pretty amazing.

12 comments on “Sexual habitual II

  1. 'Tis says:

    Ahem – now that kind of unemotional sex I can handle. lol

    I’m curious, do you have a quark when it comes to having sex with others? That one thing you won’t do, like your husband not kissing?

    • Pyx says:

      It has been pointed out to me the quirk would be more accurate- I am not correcting you since i used quarks but will use the correct quirk now. *wink

      I just really appreciate that sex with him is direct and he manages to communicate truthfully during – he means the stuff he says. So a big turn on there. He is not the best kisser either (please read so I like that he doesn’t force it. I on the other hand LOVE a good kisser but with a casual hookup I can take it or leave it.

      I have quirks actually – Anal sex with someone other than a regular partner/lover. for some reason I have declared my asshole a non casual zone and something of great intimacy: so even hotter that he was making a point of talking about other men having my ass that night.

      When it comes to a quick pick up of casual sex, particularly if it is public play – say at a swingers club or party or adult theatre – I am less likely to give a man a blow job, now this is because I am a freak about cooties and guys seem to hate blow jobs with condoms but my life (health and safety) is something I do not compromise with. I very much enjoy getting to know a cock personally, intimately, by giving a blow job – hand jobs are however always free!

      • 'Tis says:

        Quirks it is. 🙂 Actually, I had typed it out that way but than I noticed Quarks and thought, Oh, maybe that’s the Canadian spelling. What the hell, I’ll go with it. lol

        I’ve not discovered any quirks for myself yet. I feel pretty comfortable (in my mind anyway) with just about anything but unprotected sex. However if over time a relationship were to develop I’d be open to that as well, as long as B were on board anyway.

  2. kdaddy23 says:

    I’ve always found it odd that being dick-deep in a woman or having your mouth plastered to her pussy is seen as less intimate than a kiss. I’ve heard a lot of people say that you can do whatever you want to her – just don’t kiss her ’cause that’s too personal.

    And I’ve said, “What the fuck…!?” I’ve had someone try to explain it to me and it still doesn’t make sense; I asked the guy, “You mean to tell me I could fuck your wife in her ass and treat her like a raunchy slut/whore and make use of all of her holes and even cum in her mouth… but I can’t kiss her?”

    He said, “Yeah – that’s personal.” And I still don’t get it and probably because I’ve never fucked anyone I couldn’t kiss or didn’t want to be kissed.

    There are some things I just will not do… but not many; I draw the line at urine and feces and people not old enough to be in bed with me legally. Otherwise, if it’s about the intimacy of sex, then it’s all good and I’m expected and required to use any trick in my bag to tease and please and make the experience as good as I can make it – and that includes kissing; how can you just pass on a sensual thing to do… but eat that pussy as if it were your last meal?

    • Pyx says:

      I am laughing because you are so right – I did not press him for an explanation at the time, he said he was not comfortable kissing another women but he did not seem bothered watching me kiss another man, so he did not request I not do it but be the mediator with other couples explaining that he does not kiss… makes it more difficult but the human brain and sexuality are just that opposite sometimes.

      Those are some good limits but most importantly if the sex is intimate… there is something rather business like, to the point, and physical about his and my approach sometimes (with each other and other people we have involved) but he certain does like watching me be more intimate with others. He enjoys watching the long drawn out flirting, teasing and the follow through. He still says one of his best memories is my leaving the Adult Movie Theatre and shaking the man’s hand I had just given a hand job too and let finger me.

      I like being well mannered with sex but I also like throwing them right out the door.

  3. kdaddy23 says:

    Oh, by the way, it’s “quirks” and not “quarks” – those are particles related to physics and a bar on DS9…

  4. N. Likes says:

    Wow – this is fun, and hot. I’m glad to have found you. (Thanks, Hy!)


  5. The Hook says:

    Yours is a truly evolved relationship, Pyx.
    Well done.

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