Thursday Thrust

Pyx Picture

Pyx Picture

Guys can call it PMS or whatever else they want too but for the past week there has been something under my surface that felt on the verge of being annoyed with the world. Okay I am not always easy going per say but I like to think I am perfectly charming, however people were not as funny or impressive as they usually are so I will gladly take that upon myself and try my best to not hold it again them. I said try…

PC did not do or say anything in particular that bothered me on his Thursday visit but even he agreed I was not “fuzzy bunny” when he arrived. When we had talked he mentioned going out for dinner but as usual he showed up hours late (nothing was open where I live) and a text message was lost in the black hole that is instant communication. I made the mistake of having a restless nap, the kind that does not leave one feeling rested.

I sat down to eat as he put in a movie. We talked, and every other visit than this one, I enjoy listening and watching him talk. My mood, whatever it was or is, had me asking him questions that I would normally not – someone who is being supportive does not ask someone else if what they feel they are doing is a waste of time. I had no set out to be a complete cunt but it was clear that if I did not just shut up and fuck the guy I was in danger of saying something that would forever change his opinion of me.

I took him by the hand and walked him to my room where I sat myself back on the bed as I watched him undress. With each piece of clothing my mood began to lift. His pasty white flesh was glowing in the dark and it made me smile, I have never been with someone as white as me. He carefully put a few things on the table and let his clothing just fall to floor before he climbed his way between my legs. His long fingers that I lust after pulled down my underpants and let them fall on the floor amongst his things.

We laid there for an age just kissing each other. I felt powerful with his head between my hands holding him close against my lips; then my fingers pushing their way down his skull to his neck where I could feel his heart rate increase. Me, I was making his heart beat faster. I could feel his back relax and all that tension and stress just melt away under the palm of my hand and with it had the same effect on me but I was always slow to cool off. I wrapped my legs around his hips and pulled him against me and his cock instinctively knew where to find me;  I was beginning to feel at ease.

My grumpy disposition melted away as he spoke between kissing me.

“I am thinking I should be fucking you like this before all your dates” he said. The idea of it of course almost had me agree right on the spot but then I quickly thought of how many more dates I could set up. “Or perhaps I should be fucking you after your dates” he finished his words by withholding himself, just hovering his cock away from my body.

“or both” my head was trying to be in the bedroom, where I wanted to be, but it was now calculating the ways in which I could have him fuck me like this more often and how it is I could get him to enter me again right now. I like that he is playful, he knows how to tease me, but I can be terribly impatient. I put my feet down flat on the bed, my arms over my head pressing against the wall as I pushed my entire body up – arching myself enough to get his cock back inside me and my tits in his mouth.

After several orgasms I made a request “will you put your cock in my mouth please” and he obliged with a sexual grunt. I freaking love it when he does that but more so the taste of myself on him after he has fucked me. It must be terribly soothing, a bit softer after hours of friction, being in a soft mouth.

I kissed him when I was done because it is a strangely comforting scent and I like it on his face. I took my place once again on top of him. I was resolved to have just one more orgasm when out of nowhere my mouth opened up and said something along the lines of ‘what would I do without you’. His arms felt as though they wrapped around me twice and he let out a sound of … abject bliss mixed with affection and a deep sigh? I’d never heard it before but you can bet that I got myself off and made a point of it being his turn to cum.

I got my silicone lube and laid myself down beside him, just kissing his pasty white chest as I my fingers fondled the head of his cock. Softly, gently and with skill I took my time till I was ready – I wanted to see the amount of cum that I receive, I was more than curious, it is pretty fucking hot to watch him cum. “you know you still haven’t cum in my ass yet” why I was thinking ass while jerking him off, well, I am that kind of girl. “No. I haven’t” he smiled. “next time we resolve that but right now I want you cum for me” I said and kissed him.

I let my grip tighten a bit, picked up the pace and let my tongue tease him at the same time … till it all came out one glorious spasm after another. I kept my hand wrapped around the base of his cock and milked him slowly till I got every drop and had my own orgasm just watching.

I thought to myself:

  1. that explains so much aka large wet spot.
  2. I swallowed that?! Now I am double impressed it didn’t come out my nose and ears.
  3. That was so fucking hot omg now I want some inside me.

“So can we do that again but this time cum inside me?” we both laughed and set ourselves beside each other to relaxed, talking, naked on the bed until I noticed the time. I rolled over and got myself up, smacked him on the ass and told him it was time for him to go. I was being playful and not serious and he knew it but he had an appointment and I had promised to have him home before sunrise. I watched him get dressed and noticed he didn’t wear underpants “you’re going to pay for that on the way home. I can’t stand having a seam rubbing up against me after I’ve had sex”

I skipped the shower, instead choosing to keep the smell of sex all over me, assured it would help me sleep and be more agreeable for my date later on that day. He did text once he got home: You were right. Chaffing!

4 comments on “Thursday Thrust

  1. 'Tis says:

    Holy Wonderwoman Batman! Did you say something? 😉 Damn Pyx! You are so sexy! 🙂

    I must suffer from PMS all the time, because In general I find a good majority of people annoying all the time… it’s really sad but the minute anyone opens their mouth it is my first reaction to want to tune them out and I have to fight against that instinct and make an effort to really focus on what it is they are saying. 😦

    That being said I totally hear what you are saying about the about of cum. Sometimes it’s like Niagra Falls out my vagina, but then there are those times it disappears… I’ll ask, you came right? He’ll say, Yes! Where the hell did it go? Next morning I wake up to a big wet spot. Guess it was hiding. lol

    • Pyx says:

      SS (semen seepage) the slow process that can take all night but the idea that it is hiding made me laugh. Okay and the fact that my husband just read this over my shoulder and called us ‘two vulgar women’ because he must have been clueless that there is another ‘girl’ like me that talks in detail about such things… he secretly likes vulgarity because I can see him blush.

      I can usually give the guys a heads up when I am ovulating (because I want to hump everything in sight) and if I break down in tears watching some stupid Youtube video of unorthodox pet friendships (you know the baby ducks that sleep with the old dog type thing) is a pretty good indication I have lost all semblance of control over my emotions.

      I, like you, am always in a state of annoyance with other people so for the most part it is hard for others to differentiate. My husband is famous for asking me out of the blue if I am mad, to which I reply no, and then he says… oh, that is your happy face? LOL

      I do appreciate a partner that is willing to talk. I do appreciate a partner that is willing to listen but sometimes the timing is off and we girls must sit through as I am sure many men have done when the roles were reversed … but damn it is nice knowing I can whip the girls out and change the conversation.

      Someone should consider trying this negotiation tactic at the UN.

  2. The Hook says:

    Love the outfit – and the attitude.

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