Overheard at the Chateau

Not my girl

Not my girl


D: what the hell are you doing?! What is that?!!!

Pyx: You never saw a woman taking a shower in a water fall in the city center before?

D: No I haven’t but when did you make a female Skyrim character?

Pyx: After you married off Thad (the male character) !!! Andraste will have none of that, she is a free and single female killing machine that has impeccable hygiene. Thad dries his junk by the fire, she bathes.

D: I wonder if you can get her fully naked with Lydia?

Pyx: No,  I tried and there was no way to get that girl to drop her armour.

D: Damn girl, even in video games you are an ultimate hootchie.

Pyx: Evs. I was trying to get Farkas to wolf out with me so we could have furry sex but that didn’t work either.

D: there is something seriously wrong with you, you know that right?



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