Sunday Serendipity



D in his zombie armour

D in his zombie armour

My social life weekend was coming to an end and it would seem the best was saved for last. Thursday, Friday and Saturday were all enjoyable and I was having a great time but come Sunday I was ready to relax.

PC jokes with D about taking me out so D can watch his porn in peace – it seems the guys do not share my taste in sexual video entertainment – but it has always been the joke around here: porn surfing does require some privacy and I like it when my husband has that alone time to watch what or do what he wants and it is not always porn.

I know a lot of wives will tell you they know their husbands, and I am sure on several different levels or intimacy they do, but I know my husband in ways others might not. His porn surfing does not bother me, I do not get angry, nervous or upset about the content, in fact when I go out the joke is really encouragement, because what he watches is telling.

I am the computer geek around here when PC is not around, and I am a bad one at that, but my husband and me have no shame or feel no need to hide our search history. In fact the top three porn sites he visits when he does surf for porn are ones I recommended to him. It is not uncommon for me to peek at what he has been watching, for most men it is about the hunt of finding a video they actually enjoy – there are a lot of clicks and search words being used sometimes but in the long list of online activity only a handful of the entries are actual videos he has watched or started to watch.

I know the kind of porn my husband likes to watch but like me make no assumptions that it is something he wants to do or has done. Sometimes he does find a good video and I enjoy watching it myself. It does turn me on, and I do not try to read anything into it, other than ‘he watched this 20 minute video and must have enjoyed it’

PMS, three days of going out and having fun, then working in the garden on Sunday left me a bit wired Sunday night. I was tired but my mind was restless and I explained that I did not want to keep him up so I was going to sleep in the spare room. As I laid there on a queen blow up mattress, that is surprisingly comfortable, he began to talk to me from the other room. Blah Blah Blah – at some point I simply yelled back that ‘if you want to keep talking to me you can just come in here’ because my body was not ready to budge.

He appeared in the doorway, naked, and was saying something when I decided that I was not moving from the middle of the bed so I bent my legs at the knee and listened to him finish his sentence. He knelt down and opened my knees and crawled his way between them. He leaned in to kiss me when suddenly I closed my legs shut tight, denying him any further progress and said ‘I didn’t invite you to come in here to have sex with me’ I pushed him away by his shoulders and the strong little fucker fought back just as I expected.

My denying him was not serious but given my three days of adventures with other people I was really testing the validity of his porn content and curious to see if it would be something he would enjoy with me: what of saw of his search history had turned me on. He is physically strong and his military training has always played out nicely for me in bed before but I was going to stick to my idea of being more difficult – really putting up a fight.

He threw himself on me and we wrestled for a good while, as he tore off my night shirt and panties, the little guy is strong enough to pry open my climber’s legs and stay there. I could feel his hard on and though I did my best to keep it at bay he managed to insert just the tip of his cock while I continued to fight back and get him out.

I am not the stunt cunt porn star type to play at sexual role play, pleading for him to stop with a fake fear is not my gig so I let my smart ass mouth do what it does best and goaded him on by saying “I don’t want to have sex with you. Get it out!” and “are you done yet?”

I was very excited and glad that my body was working at cross purpose because clearly he knew I was not really asking him to stop. He pinned my arms down, bit at my nipples, all the while I tried to keep my knees closed holding him off at a distance from full entry. I did not do anything to muffle my little sighs and moans of pleasure, they were a good part of the fun, but I was not giving up either.

He then kissed me deeply, our bodies playing out one fantasy but our mouths being far too sincere. I let my legs open up and he did not miss a beat, he slid right in with great ease but I then closed my legs again tightly around his waist so he could not move. His cock just fits right, seems to reach all the right places, and though my shoulders and arms were still fighting off his force my pussy had an orgasm without him so much as moving an inch and the only thing I could say was ‘no, no, no … don’t cum’

He threw me over onto my side and I tried to crawl off the mattress but he caught me by the hip and was on me without missing a beat. As I continued to try and crawl away from his grasp he fucked me hard and kept himself close and I now understood the principles of bull riding: just hang on and don’t get bucked off!

I turned myself around and said “you need to just leave” and to my surprise he stopped. He sat back on his heels and began to rub at my skin softly and I was concerned that the game had gotten serious without my intention or knowledge. “You just told me to leave” he said quietly. I had only a second to decide what to do or say, we do not have ‘safe’ words nor was I serious but clearly by his voice the word ‘leave’ meant something.

I turned myself around on all fours to face him and laid him back on to the mattress. I kissed him softly and lowered myself down on his cock and said “maybe I wanted you to leave so you do not know how much I want this cock, how fucking great it is and how much I need you” and I fucked him for a long while, bringing myself to several orgasms.

“Has anyone ever had sex on this thing?” he asked about the blow up mattress. “yes, of course” I said as we fucked each other. “Who?!” he asked. “well I have with PC but in fact we have had sex on it first – we gave our guest our bed once and we used this in front of the fire place remember?” talking during sex like this is common place so my answers were not a part of our play but actually sincere. “Oh that’s right, I thought this pussy was familiar”

We took a bit of a break and I followed him to our bed where things are a bit more comfortable. The physical struggling bit was done with and resumed our usual manner of full body contact sex. “how many men have you had sex with while we have been married” his cock buried inside me made it difficult to come up with a number so instead I counted them out loud “well there is PC, then there was the guy at the adult book store, the two threesomes we have had, so that is four…” I did not stop fucking him back as I closed my eyes to recall faces.

“You never did fuck Dave or Moc’s so they don’t count” he said.

“Oh that’s right, most of the time with swingers I got off just watching you fuck strange pussy…. Oh there is Dan, so that is five… it is not that there is a lot of different cocks around it is just that I find the ones I like and have sex with it often” I laughed. I am not the sort of girl to keep count really more about the quality so I know there are people I cannot recall… surely.

He went on for some time about how much he enjoyed watching me with other men, that he truly feels there might be something wrong with his character for doing such, but I assured him that he had a partner that understood so there is no reason to keep feeling that way.

The sun was up and the birds were singing by the time we were done with each other. I was relieved he never asked why I decided to do what I did, and I do not even really know why I decided to do so either but just happy that I could. It can get pretty intense, talking to your partner about fantasies, the rules, the limits and how to proceed however there is a place that can be reached where such things can just happen. There is no need to talk it to death, making it a bigger deal than it is or perhaps even ruining some of the aspect of the fantasy itself by putting limits on it.

I do know this, had I not paid close attention to his porn viewing I would not have ever tried to deny him sex in a physical manner, demanding that he too become forceful and just do what he wanted. I know he loves and respects me, clearly sex is not an issue for us but now I am curious about another one of his porn themes: the shared wife.

Yes we have had threesomes but most of the wife type videos he watches are groups of men with a wife and the husband video taping, mostly watching or taking part later on. The wife being the center of attention is by no means all about her, the husband is getting off too so my next surprise adventure might just be that. He works a lot, he works hard and I think it might be nice to surprise him one night with some company and hand him a fully charged video camera.

The one blessing in all of this is that my porn history is likely to never be played out – there is no way for him to find a room full of midgets in Umpa Lumpa costumes speaking German whilst I eat a turkey drum stick as they have sex with each other.

So now I start the search of a few good men who will not get limp dick shy around one another, you think finding a single female is hard?! Yes it is but pussy does not fail, penis does.

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