You think like a guy


I hear this a lot from guys in regards to myself and though it does not offend me it does make me think and ask them ‘are you really a woman?’

I know some girls giggle and find this a great compliment that they, a woman, think and or act in a particular way like a man especially when it comes to sex. I never found it complimentary because it says that we logical and reasonable women are not the standard of our gender.

For myself I do not waste time comparing my sexuality to that of a man because I am a woman, why should I hold myself, my body, and what I think to the standard of men?

Why deny me and my gender the rightful place of acting, feeling and doing what we want, a woman, and what fulfills us? Why is it when we do such things is it compared to a man?

Why would I need or want a man to tell me I think or behave like them when I am nothing like them – do you think they would be so willing to take a compliment if we were to tell them that they are behaving like a woman? Do you think men face the same social and physical risks and consequences we do? When did female sexuality become dependent on the male approval of it?

I do not need a man’s consent to fuck but his participation is more than accepted but this body and mind is my own, he does not own it, he does not get to say what is and isn’t acceptable by comparing me to him.

I am a woman, I think like a woman and I behave as one, perhaps it is men that need to change the way they think about us ladies when we love cock as much they love pussy and go after it with vigor and without regret.

Just a thought…


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