Plan on making plans

Not a Pyx threesome

Not a Pyx threesome

So far this summer and spring have kept me relatively home bound in the sense that my garden has taken priority over everything else. Some time ago my husband told PC that he is no longer a guest but family, so he was to make himself at home by making his own damned coffee and food sometimes. My husband does not present things in a romantic light but what he says can be counted on. PC has been here every weekend, gardening alongside me and playing xbox with my husband.

The sleeping arrangement blows big donkey balls some of the time but more on that later.

I have now enough confidence to say this without hesitation; these two men are completely different in every way. I usually sit between them on the couch, each of them with their own comfortable end, and often find myself having some like an outer body experience. I sit there and carefully look around me, to my right PC will be fingering his tablet or smart phone and to my left my husband is pounding away on the xbox controller.

Though I am filled with a great deal of pride in all of us, I am certainly impressed with them the most. On the surface it would seem that I am the lucky one because there are two cocks in the house and I get to have sex with someone other than the person I married. Yeah it is pretty great but actually on weekend when we are all here I rarely get sex at all.

These two men have not only managed to come to terms with me but each other. They have actually managed to cultivate their own friendship where both men speak highly of one another. It is no simple task sitting in a house for days on end with a man you know is boiking your woman but most impressive is that … well there is no other way to say this so I should just write it out:

You know you have something rather unique when your bf walks in on your husband in the bathroom and the reaction from both of them is ‘that was bound to happen’.

The comfort level is more apparent after my husband gave PC his ‘you are now family’ talk and I sometimes have to remind myself to not take it all for granted. It would be easy to just let things form into a hard solid mass of routine where all three of us allow the circumstances to relieve us of responsibility to one another.

One night my husband came through the door with a large bottle of red wine ‘to celebrate’ a workplace transaction. Now remember my husband does not drink, not one drop, and it is not that out of the ordinary for him to buy me wine but my senses were in overtime and I was alert by instinct that something else was going on. PC and I were happy for D so we shared the wine and congratulated my husband on the good news.

I am of French Canadian extraction, I have been drinking wine since I was six and I claim cultural rights as an excuse in my ability to finish off a bottle myself – and the fact I can drink it like others do soda – but I was careful this time. I drank the first glass as I normally would but I barely filled my second and took great pains to sip at it like a newbie. PC poured himself a second glass and took his place at my right on the couch, my husband to my left – I kept my eye on my husband.

“This was really nice of you D, thank you. I am glad to hear about _______” I said. He took my hand in his in a way that was not of affection but more guide dog and firmly put it on his leg. I had not had that much wine; I became all business in an instant before he ever said a word. “Well I was also hoping you would get naked and we could take advantage of you” he said.

There it was.

There are some things I know for a fact, the most important being to trust my instinct – I am rarely wrong. The other is men, for all their qualities and faults, they truly are wonderful creatures and you can count on them to surprise you most of the time. I do so love them but I do know my husband very well.

Now one has to be very careful here; our triad does not have sex together. I am not one to make a scene and there are several ways I could have handled this, I chose to smile and take a sip of wine and laugh it off. This was to give us all a chance at laughing it off and it never being brought up again. Maybe he was joking, my husband can be playful but I am a big believer that if someone means something they will often repeat it – and he did.

An hour had passed before he brought it up again but this time I chose to give him the look. Yes our mothers all had them and our dads were also subject to them, our husbands are no different. Now I did not give him the ‘shut the hell up before I rip your ball sack out through your nose’ look but went with the ‘shush now sweetie it’s not going to happen’ look. PC was saying nothing but we had both stopped drinking our wine.

The remained of our weekend passed without great event, I had made a mental note to bring this up with each of them because there was no need to possibly embarrass someone or hurt someone’s feelings. After PC took his leave I sat down with my husband first. What is important to remember here is that I was not angry, hurt or upset but it needed to be addressed so that it did not happen again.

My husband explained that he thought it would be a lot easier on me, having both of them there, the fact that I trust them both and I believe him – that is how he thinks and I appreciate that. I carefully explained that some time ago when I was asked about this possible threesome we had all just lightly touched on the subject and it was a clear NO back then and so should remain. Things change, as I said the comfort factor is huge here, so I was not bothered that my husband naturally thought ‘hey why not’

I also had to explain that PC is different than we are, as a couple and as individuals, his experience might be limited to some threesome activities but what we have here could change all three relationships or might not – however the risk assessment is far too high not in my favour – I felt protective of PC not that my husband would take advantage on purpose but again there is the fact that things seem easy when all three of us spend this much time together.

I later spoke with PC privately and assured him that I had talked to my husband, I wanted PC to know that D was serious – he knew that – but also that I have not ignored his desires and limits. I felt confidend speaking on PC’s behalf and because I did I felt it was important he knew about the conversation. There was no harm done and no one’s feelings were hurt and nothing came up during PC’s next visit.

Now at this point you would think ‘no harm no foul’ and things will move along as they were but I am not that simple as to overlook something my husband wanted. Like a lot of people we want things and we will take the easy route over the possible time and work that goes into getting what we want because that can often lead to disappointment. I guess what I am saying here is that instead of ignoring and pushing aside my husband’s interest I have chosen to look at it more closely.

Not only does my husband want to fuck me but he actually enjoys the entertainment of watching me with others – this is pleasing for us both – but takes great care is being actively involved in my sexual pleasure. We have had threesomes before and that big ball of solid comfort I mentioned – when everyone is fucking and doing their own thing, doing certain things together can be overlooked. I took it as a signal my husband is ready to invite someone else over for a threesome.

Could I be wrong? Maybe, it is pretty cool having friends over and let things happen but we don’t have those kinds of friends. Some planning is needed and involved and since the golden rule is ‘the woman decides’ I have chosen to take up the work and time myself and relieve my husband of that endeavour.

My plan is this: to entertain him, more so than he has yet been entertained and to show him how much it is I appreciate him above all others and trust him completely with my sexuality. One man will not do, I am thinking this time two or three. I am not yet sure if I want him to just watch and have me afterwards or if I want him to join in and be immediately involved – that part is kind of up to him at the time I guess but there is something hot about telling him to charge the video camera because at 9 I am expecting guests. Then it is kind of hot going through it with him, talking about it and planning together… oh the options.

As of right now I am simply in the negotiating part of finding these men – I have several emails going back and forth but I will not bore you with the ‘how to plan group sex’ entry because they are endless on the internet. I will however throw out a word of wisdom to anyone who is willing to pick it up, some people are subtle, some are not, but if you are not looking in the right direction you can miss it all together. It makes perfect sense to me that my husband, that shares me with another man privately, would want to share me in a situation were he too can get something out of it.

5 comments on “Plan on making plans

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    I don’t know about you, Pyx, but I saw this one coming a long time ago; to me, it seemed to be inevitable that D would get so comfortable with PC that this was the next “logical” step. Now, I can’t say that I blame you for being ultra cautious here; it’s one thing to think that it’ll all work out (or that it should) only to have it blow up in your face, right?

    And, maybe I’m wrong, but if D is, in fact, “inviting” someone for a threesome, um, that someone is PC – someone he both knows and trusts. What I find interesting is that you’re willing to invite others over and, basically, put on a show for him but are quite leery about him, you, and PC creating a more, ah, intimate triumvirate, if you will. I do, of course, recognize that it puts you in a pretty sticky situation: Doing something your husband wants to do as opposed to what you want to do and, yeah, I know – it sets off so many red flags it isn’t even funny.

    When I found myself in this situation, I thought of a couple of things I learned when I was much younger: You never know what you can do until you try… and nothing beats a failure but a try. In this situation, you don’t want it to blow up in your face… but you really don’t know if it will until you do it and, oh, boy, the logic of it all is so damned confusing – I know my brain got overloaded with the implications in a matter of seconds after my wife asked me to do her a favor.

    It was do what my wife wanted me to do because, yep, her happiness is my job to take care of – or sit back and do nothing because I was afraid of the implications that shut my brain down. It didn’t “help” matters when she said to me, “What, you telling me you can’t handle it?” – she knew exactly what button to push on me and even though I went to do as she bid, I was filled with trepidation with a pinch of fear tossed in for good measure.

    The end of the story: I went to our friend and made love to her, just as I was asked to do and, um, it wasn’t as if I didn’t want to fuck our friend to begin with, being honest and all that. It didn’t blow up in my face and, ultimately, it was the “right” thing to do in that situation… but the only way to really know that is to close your eyes, hold your nose, and take the plunge.

    You know I’m gonna be damned interested to know how you wind up dealing with this…

    • Pyx says:

      Let me first say I love that blogs give us all a chance to share with each other but most of all appreciate your constant willingness to share you experiences with me, thank you.

      Now I know my husband the way I know every mole on my body – he is a man that I love but has a tendency to do what is easy. He did not want to have a threesome because it was PC, he wanted to have a threesome and PC just happened to be here.

      The last time I spoke of this with my husband, before this instance, the answer from him was NO – we three were all in agreement that there is an understanding of what is going on but details are not what we are into: knowing, thinking and seeing are all different things. The only thing that changed that night for my husband, not for me or PC, was because it was convenient but it would have been at the expense of PC.

      PC and I do not want to have a threesome with my husband. I do not want to have a threesome with PC and my husband. My husband later stated that he knew the idea might offend one of us (PC or me) but he just wasn’t sure which one. Now he knows – the idea is not offensive but in our situation some things must remain between the two.

      As with all things you just get comfortable, take for granted the situation we are in, and he ran the risk of treating PC the same way he does me – which is fine for me, but not PC- I am the more adventurous one, I am easier going and PC is not weak by being more emotionally aware of himself than me or my husband when it comes to sexual partners.

      My husband is a man of a particular appetite, the reason he does not drink anymore is because he can not just have one. When there is cake he does not eat once piece but the whole thing to the point of getting sick. He is predisposed to immediate gratification without long term planning – though he is aware of consequence he is often the sort that will gladly accept them for the sake of pleasure in that moment. I thanked him for not taking his attempt any further than he did, something he should know I am aware of because we do have a history of walking into a room and yelling ‘game on’ at the cost of others. We play rough with each other, this particular moment he almost overlooked the other person.

      Had there been another man on the couch that night, the chances are very good that yes my husband would have done the same thing; I understand they are comfortable with each other, and as he said he was really thinking of me (and I believe him) and my trust of them both and the chance for me to have something I want. But in reality the thought and attempt at action was telling me something he wanted also.

      I have dealt with it – I made it clear to my husband there will not ever be a threesome with me and PC in his future. I have decided instead to find my own guests to invite over so that D can have his threesome and watch me do my thing without having to do all the work.

      I have had the same talk with PC – he too agrees that for our part nothing has changed, and he too has no interest in including my husband but the offer was not offensive nor were his feelings hurt.

      As for D he understood completely. Around here we get in a mood and often have the chance to do something about it. I do not fault him for thinking of it and really I am glad he talked to me about it after wards because that is why I am making these plans. He works a lot, long hours and as you know planning these things takes a lot of time – with the what will the wife do factored into it – so I am taking that part off the table and making the plans myself.

      Hope that all made sense, it does in my head but sometimes not so much out loud! lol

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