My math teacher was right, I do use math in every day life situations.


I kind of lucked out and found a personal profile that mentioned he and a friend were looking for a woman to have sex with. Once I wrote him however he mentioned he had another friend so that would make 3 cocks; they are okay if my husband wants to join in so that would make 4.

We have a saying around here ‘pussy doesn’t wear out’ and the idea of entertaining several guys at once does not make me nervous, in fact I am looking forward it. Since my husband and I began meeting other couples I have always been the youngest one in the room – I am not saying older people cannot fuck, they can and do it very well, however the recovery time is often the only issue. By the time I get warmed up and things are getting good the group was done leaving me one very frustrated sexual Pyx.

Sex with my husband and my boyfriend is very satisfying however in a group setting what happens is the brain and body goes beyond a point of ‘I am done and happy’ right to ‘who is next, bring it on’ We ladies are competitive by nature and even so with ourselves, perhaps not every woman has sat down as I have and thought ‘I wonder how many cocks I could handle at once’ but surely when it does come to mind the number is not simply 2 or is it? I am going to be fascinated to see if I tap out before they all do.

I know grandma, this is not why god gave me two hands, a mouth, butt and pussy but it is certainly fascinating thinking about the logistics; and if we are to believe what guys say about the guy brain, they are good with that sort of thing!

I have exchanged emails with only one of the guys – I told him there was no need for me to be negotiating with all three of them if they come as a group, it would just get on my nerves. I sent along my pictures and he sent along theirs and I was so pleased to have not received 3 cock shots.

I am telling you the truth I write to them the same way I write this blog which is the same way I talk to people; straightforward and sometimes confusing because I am thinking out loud as I write. However all the details were agreed too, my wishes were not that obscure and I will of course have my husband there as my proxy should I be unable to oversee everything because there is cock in my face.

Will they show up? I don’t know, guys are no different than girls in this regard, people can talk a good game online but when it comes to putting balls or tits on the table few managed to impress me. I think I will still write my own personal ad to increase my odds since lady luck appears to be sitting beside me.

I have also taken the liberty to email a single gentleman that is the same age as my husband for a completely different fantasy. Not my fantasy, it is my husband’s, but this is really about my taking over the negotiations so I figure why not work on a few things at once – what is the worse that will happen, I end up having a lot of sex one week? Oh no, whatever will I do!!!

I have mentioned before I know what kind of porn my husband watches – it gives me some good intel on what and why he says the things he does when we are fucking. On several occasions whilst in congress my husband spoke of wanting to tie me up and let strange men have their way with me… I HATE BEING TIED UP. However I have found a very nice older respectful deviant gentleman that happens to be looking for the very same thing and I believe he would work well with my husband.

The blindfold gives me pause and not the stranger – funny isn’t it. I am of course all about doing things that make me uncomfortable; this is not an instinctual reaction to the blindfold but a social one. I never much trusted anyone enough to not keep an eye on them around my body but I do my husband (and PC) so this will be good for me. Instead of going full out with a group of guys while I am blindfolded I am willing to start with one, if I absolutely hate it, it will not happen again. If it works out okay I will consider more than one blindfolded.

If my husband survives all of this that is…

3 comments on “My math teacher was right, I do use math in every day life situations.

  1. Sounds like the near future may be exciting indeed. Looking forward to the update…

  2. kdaddy23 says:

    All I have to say is that refraction is such a buzz-kill for us…

  3. 'Tis says:

    Oh WOW!!! You got me fanning myself over here Pyx! The thought alone… well sheesh! 🙂

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