When you do not shave your legs, skip changing the sheet and leave the dirty underpants on the floor, the date goes better than expected. You find yourself apologizing and trying to hide the vibrator while he is attempting to set your tits free. No relationship, even if it is just for one night, should start out with an apology.

Thankfully most guys are forgiving and will bang you stupid on a kitchen counter full of dirty dishes. I love that about men.

Because had you put on the good sheets, put out some candles and waxed yourself to a prepubescent state, your date would have been a gong show. Another thing most men are forgiving about, fucking someone they just met.

Thankfully after knowing each other twenty years Lola has learned a few things from being around me, and the first one is not feeling guilty about our own sexuality: sex on the first date is an option. Sometimes it is the deciding factor in having a second date with the same guy.

I go for a half and half approach, the bed is made and lacking any other male DNA, dirty underpants are in the hamper and there are never any candles but I am superstitious by nature and feel that tempting fate is never in my favour but pissing them out right is just inviting devastation.

And as expected while ridding one buck two others step out of the tree line – her phone was going off like a pinball machine the whole time they were upstairs. Amazing, timing is so important in everything but it is as though other men can smell it in the air.

I am enjoying watching Lola do her thing, it is certainly keeping me out of trouble and I get to play coach with a full on play by play planning.

Hells yes I told her to keep her options open, there are three guys sniffing around but no one has stood out from the other, now she just has to decide which one to mount on her wall or mount all three.

Yeah a hunting metaphor, you know I am behaving.

2 comments on “Superstitious

  1. Johnney says:

    Ha. Great metaphors. Likes reading this post. Go Lola!

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