Whine, bitch and moan



After an hour of listening to him I realized that my future prospects with this person in my life would find me in emotional debt; drained and borderline volatile. He had a great explanation and reason for everything and why it was not his fault – because not using a condom during sex was clearly not the reason his ex is now having a baby but it was her doing that sly slutty man trap.

Yeah, right.

The last thing I feel is sympathy for a guy who cannot bring his own damned rubbers to the show. And the only sense of justice I feel worth getting myself involved in is providing them with my surgical skills for a nice vasectomy on my kitchen table.

Think about it, the dark alley transactions of abortions in female sexual history. I had to kind of smile to myself thinking of men showing up in the dark to some back woods shack  with an envelope of bills to get a vas deferens snip with a rusty pair of scissors.

So you always knew you did not want to have kids.

By the by I have no surgical skills whatsoever, but nor did most of the women preforming abortions.

By the sounds of it, your history with women is filled with them doing you nothing but wrong – cheating on you, trying to get pregnant on purpose, lying to you about being on the pill. You poor thing. You would think you could take charge of your body, your rights and your freedom by getting yourself fixed you fucking idiot.  Or at least wear a fucking condom!

It is after all the only way to be sure you don’t get the bitch pregnant.

Yes I get it, men are encouraged to talk about what they are feeling and what they think but not by me. I am willing to deal, a little bit, but do they not realize it crosses a line to whine, bitch and moan ? I cannot get it on with a guy that has nothing but negative things to say about his exes, it says a lot about their character – after all I am not sitting at the table across from their ex trying to get into her jeans.

It puts me in an awkward position of having to defend the human mistakes people make simply based on her gender. I hate that, I mean I can feel a sense of disappointment in them both, but it’s not my fault and I don’t have to cope with any of it. Unless I get involved with him and that right there is a big no for me. Why would I set myself up to be the cause of his future pain? Why would I want to be the subject of a rant like this as he sits across from someone else in the future? I don’t.

Yes women do it too and I do not need to be reminded of this fact but I am talking about men here. If women are encouraged to take charge, take responsibility for their body and its wombastic abilities it tickles me that some men are still without regard to their seminal exploits after the big O moment. I have to wonder if men are as encouraged as women, from a young age, to understand the fundamentals of sexual plumbing, what sperm really is and do you really expect me to swallow that shit before you even try it?

Sorry a bit off point there.

I think this just goes to validate my opinion that men and women are truly not that much different, each gender simply goes about the same things differently.  If you try to think while believing this you will see men differently and begin to understand yourself a bit better – well it will at least help you document the male menstrual cycle and when to bring home beer.

3 comments on “Whine, bitch and moan

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    I’ve always found it bothersome that there are men who firmly believe that birth control is solely the woman’s responsibility and seem to be just totally fucking clueless about what could happen if you fuck her without a condom – and then just utterly failing to accept the possible consequences of such an action and, oh, yeah, then blame the woman for entrapment.

    I know that any time I have unprotected sex with a woman, I have to deal with the consequences of my actions and accept the responsibility for it and more so if I know good and damned well that she’s fertile and if “shit” happens, I’m certainly not going to whine, bitch, and moan about it and more so if using contraceptives poses a danger. It is what it is and unless you have enough control to pull out before loading the coochie up with sperm, you damned well better be ready, willing, and able to deal with the consequences.

    Some men are just pathetically stupid…

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