Pyx answers her mail; from the ladies



Q: My husband wants me to peg him and I do not think I can without it changing our relationship dynamic.

A: We ladies are visual creatures just as much as men are and the image of pegging a guy is something the mind does not erase quickly. You really have to sit down and think logically why the idea of doing this does not sit well with you – without passing judgment on him for trusting/loving you enough to ask you to be a part of that.  For some women the idea of a man taking it in the bum symbolizes a shift in sexual dynamic if you believe that only gay guys take it in the ass.  So it would stand to reason that you come to understand his desires do not make him gay.

The other important factor here is think of all the sexual desires you harbor and the sensation it fills you with when trying it out – that he tries for you – does not mean you will like it, does not mean you will do it again but we are curious creatures and that does not exclude sex.  Why would your male partner not have his own set of curious desires?

There is also compromise to be had and for whatever reason if the idea of strapping one on does not appeal to you then perhaps it is now on you to find something that will make you comfortable and please him in the act: various toys and of course fingers.  Please read about safe anal sex before attempting to insert anything in the butt. However once that is all said and done and you still feel it is not something you can accomplish you had best be ready to tell the man you love, and that loves you, why it is you cannot accommodate him; once said you cannot take it back so be careful.

One comment on “Pyx answers her mail; from the ladies

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Damned good answer – if someone asked me that, I’m not sure how I would have answered it but it probably wouldn’t have been as good as you did it!

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