Pyx Picture

Pyx Picture

Girls do it and guys do it; one day, out of the blue, they contact you as if nothing happened.

I believe that some people in a moment of reflection are truly bothered with how they treated someone, have convinced themselves that contacting them is the thing to do.

Some people do it to see if there is a chance they can slip it in one more time and there might be a few that believe people who shared a level  intimacy can still be friends after the fact.

I call them all self-delusional pricks that are so wrapped up in themselves and possibly suffer conflicts of grandeur that their poor self-image cannot handle not knowing what other people think of them. Worst is someone out there thinking ill of them, with good reason, because they believe themselves to be the victim of circumstance or worse, that what they did was not their fault.


2 comments on “Absolution

  1. 'Tis says:

    Words spoken to you did not match the actions taken with you. I’d be pissy too!

    • Pyx says:

      Shit like that bothers me – and I have to admit, I think technology is a part of the problem, it can seem pretty easy to just message someone and not have to follow it up with action.

      I wrote him back last week and just asked what it was he was expecting from me: I hated the idea he might have needed or wanted something I was willing to do but instead was my usual dismissive self.

      So I asked. yay me for being a fucking adult..ugh.

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