talk about sex with me…


I love it when my husband and me talk about sex.

Not sexually with each other – though I do enjoy that when it occurs – but rather we can talk about sex as a social topic based on current events. Regardless of this weeks sexual scandal or who did what to whom a lot is said between us and that drives me completely wild with lust.

I will say “well not every woman is going to want to walk into a house full of horny guys and fuck them all” and he will say “well I know of one”

I do not require my husband’s approval on my fantasies, as many as there are, because they are mine – married or not. Does not mean I will go into a house full of guys and fuck them all, does not mean that I wouldn’t but it makes me feel good that he does not make me feel ‘bad’ for saying so.

Of all the sexual fantasies I have shared with him, be them just talk or actually taking part in, he has never once looked at me before, during or after and said “is it because I am doing something wrong?” Never. He is not the type to impose himself into what I am trying to do – he does not make it about him but rather keeps it about me.

He is actually encouraging to a degree where he expresses his own fantasies, again be them simply ideas or something he might actually want to try but a lot is exchanged when we talk. Yes he is the one to drive me to an adult bookstore so I can have sex with a complete stranger but he is also the one there holding my coat patiently waiting and watching till I am done. He does not huff, look at his watch and tap his shoe to tell me it is time to go home. He makes sure I am safe, that things do not get out of hand and does not shame me for it on the way home or the next day.

He does not hold back telling me how much he enjoyed himself. He tells me all the time that he likes the way I enjoy myself, be it with him, others or a group effort. He is accepting that I am this complete human being with desires and he will be the first to admit they aren’t always his idea of a good time but what the hell – he trusts me.

He is very clear with his lines and where they are drawn but he has never made me regret telling him what I think and feel. As unorthodox as that is most of the time he has a pretty tight grip on his knee jerk reactions and it’s impressive. It’s a huge turn on.

If there was ever a lesson I would encourage young men to learn that might assist them grow into good men of value it would be this.

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