Have you seen Helmut?

I had recently given in to the whole virtual APP textual flirting thing and had gotten so worked up; on Monday I called a friend. If this technology is going to be used as a form of virtual foreplay why not use a smart phone to actually call someone – smart.

True to form I must find a way to complicate things for myself.  I chose to deny myself cock till I was in a position to have the one I wanted and that had gotten me worked up – I called pussy in its place. I am a straight shooter and gave her the facts: till I can have sex with this guy do you wanna?

“Oh yes, lets” she replied: a friend indeed.

My intention was to enjoy a long make out session while the hockey game was on in the background, relieve myself of sexual build up tension and she did not disappoint, we managed a lovely night of oral delight that lasted well into the morning. Tuesday morning I got home in a blissful state of soreness, my hips and legs still limber but lightly burning from a night of being wrapped around my friend and holding on for dear life.

We girls are not always so soft and tender with one another but as always I love the little things in life; calling a friend about a missing vibrator is no different than calling them for a recipe:

Me: Hi, I know you’re at work but got a second?

Her: For you, more than one.

Me: Don’t stop but I cannot find my vibrator Helmut.

Seen him recently by any chance?

Her: Last I saw, I used him on you at the kitchen table Tuesday morning.

It’s probably still at the cottage (laughter)

Me: Not a big deal, what’s so funny?

Her: My parents are going to be there today!

Me: Lovely.



2 comments on “Have you seen Helmut?

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Did you find Helmut?

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