Send me the link!

I get really nervous when someone I am intimate with asks me to share the link to porn I am watching. First I feel that they might assume I am watching Martha Stewart get it on with a group of Japanese investors or one of those ‘made by girls for girls’ things; that is an assumption on my part. I mean you guys know a lot of girls are down right gross and dirty right?


Secondly I feel the need to send a warning, like begging in advance ‘please don’t hate me’ and I feel that if I need to ask someone to promise me something before I share it, its not a good sign. Either I am going to trust them or not – that comes with the possibility of them blocking me from any future contact and sending Jehovah to my door with a car full of Mormons.

Then I work up the guts to send something in the middle of my private treasure chest collection because thirdly, and this is a big deal, if they respond back they like it and want to try it it might change how i feel about them. I know; don’t judge me but I am going to judge you.

If I am not gagging, turned on and pissing myself laughing while watching it, its not porn to me!

I collect some rare oddities, I have no idea why a white woman ridding a black mans cock whilst eating a turkey drum stick is pleasing to me, but it is. Nor have I gone out and purchased a turkey drum stick but its one of my prized clips and it is rated tame in my pile of goodies.

Maybe I am nervous that if they like it and we try something I might like it. I mean it could bring a whole new tradition to thanksgiving dinners at the Chateau.

P.S. I would watch Martha with a group of guys while she bakes cookies.

2 comments on “Send me the link!

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Damn, I’m glad you’re back, even for a little while…

    • Pyx says:

      I am trying to keep up I am I am
      Takes a bit to get back the word flow.

      It is nice to be back, thank you for being here to greet me!

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