You’re sick.

Farm-Skanks       Yes, yes I am.

I so rarely come under the weather that I have yet to develop an adult like coping system for being sick. I once ran a fever and wondered why my girlfriends were not at my bedside praying over me. I was serious.

My threshold for pain tolerance is high and I should be paying more attention to the signs that I need assistance in healing. I honestly thought I had only shattered this tooth a few  months ago – it has been far longer. I put the discomfort aside for more important things so there is no wonder the root is pissed off at me. And vengeful.

Giving in to it all I have decided to take pain medication – hence lack of wordage. I am kind of  a lightweight and these things are kicking my ass. I entertained the idea of sex on opioid pain medication for 4.5 seconds and was distracted by pretty colours and the glowbugs outside my window.

I am really not passing judgement on anyone who gets messed up on drugs and has sex high like this but I cannot even contemplate what joy there would be in this for me, high, pliable, drooling, happy, silent, fuzzy, smiling, slow …

Oh wait, it would be about his joy.

Fuck that.

3 comments on “You’re sick.

  1. Tippy Gnu says:

    Is his name Bill Cosby?

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