Gut Feelings

ccfbghGut feelings, also known as fight or flight instincts, are our primal 911 call, our first responders, our flashlight into the dark unknown .

I know people that say ‘I had a gut feeling that something was going to happen’ but then I ask ‘why did you ignore it?’ and I rarely get a logical answer as to why they did.

If before we did anything we received a text message telling us of the horrible outcome in any given situation, I bet more than 50% of the people I know would still choose to do that thing anyway – it is in our human nature to believe our power over our destiny. However when it comes to securing our own safety we time and time again ignore the warning signs.

Enter Moi – my gut instinct are good, strong and I listen to them all the time. Do I talk myself back from them? Sure, I try, but inevitably I must give in to risk awareness; if I chose to ignore what I know to be happening then I am doing this to myself. I cannot blame the wine, the guy, my husband, the universe of for those that believe in a God. I know better.

I do however have a sadistic side to me and sometimes want to see what the long game is or rather was – how long this person is willing to commit to this lie, how much of the web are they going to spin. It is not one of my better qualities, to watch someone hang themselves, slowly and painfully under the belief that they game is working on me but only rarely do I give in to this instinctual urge and I usually get tired and give up long before I get an answer.

Now I must also consider I could be wrong – how are gut feelings proven wrong if we do not stick around to see them come to prove out and by sticking around while being insincere are we in fact creating the ‘guttural’ outcome; for every action there is a reaction.

Something is wrong with this guy, we are going to call him ARS, and I cannot put my finger on it. He talks to me, nothing but sweetly and kind, but my insides are screaming RUN! Can gut instinct detect a sociopath (having been raised by one) and my instinct deter me from a narcissist having survived working for one, before my brain can recognize them?

You bet it fucking can, this has nothing to do with the brain or logic, this is nature at its best, this is survival on the Serengeti, this is experience – so fucking run.


2 comments on “Gut Feelings

  1. Tippy Gnu says:

    I agree. I can usually rely on my gut instinct, but I try to make sure there’s some logic to back it up. For instance, I don’t gamble, period. No matter how much my gut tells me that the slot machine I’m looking at is about to pay off. There has to be some logic there too. But yeah, our gut can help us in quite a few situations.

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